#FeatureMonday | Meet Natalie Pro


Her Story: 

My name is Natalie Pro and I love to travel. I’ve visited more than 60 countries in last 8 years and I continue to travel to new countries every year.

It all started spontaneously and I never thought I would travel so much. I had a regular life, an office job, vacations twice a year, etc. On New Year’s Eve of 2009 I got news from my job that the economy crisis pushed the owner to close his business. I already booked the trip to Hong Kong and China for a New Year with my husband and I couldn’t cancel it. Being in China we realized that we have no reason to go back and that we can stay and start a whole new life. It happened so fast I just remember that weird feeling when you know that the plane you had tickets for has just took off, but you stayed.

In total we spent 2 years in China where I worked as an English language teacher. And then we moved to Thailand, then to Bali, then to Latin America and so on. Travelling has become a lifestyle.

Since I changed my life and started my journey I’ve become a different person. This is amazing how travelling affects your character and you don’t even notice the process. When you see a lot of new things and details every day it inspires you a lot. You want to memorize the picture, the smell, the pattern of textile and many other things.

I also love jewelry so in every country I go I would pay special attention to local jewelry, its style, and traditional design. At some point I realized that this is exactly what I want to do – I want to share my personal experience through jewelry.


That’s how I launched my start-up – an online silver jewelry store, where I compile an amazing collection of sterling silver jewelry with semi-precious gemstones, pearls, corals and other natural elements. Most of the items are handmade and originated from Thailand, which is also known as the land of smiles. Outstanding craftsmanship and delicate work with stones make every piece of jewelry exclusive and personal.

You can find your favorite piece for every day wearing such as a plain silver pendant on a chain or a macramé bracelet with silver beads, or a gift for someone special in your life – a pair of delicate sterling silver earrings with amethyst or something exclusive for a special occasion – an elegant mother of pearl bracelet or an outstanding leather bracelet with gemstones.

Me website’s name is BeYindi.com where “yindi” means “happy” in Thai language. With this project I want to remind people who have forgotten how beautiful and different our planet is to stop at admire the world for just a second, to feel their presence in this amazing moment and feel happiness. I really hope that a person who is wearing my jewelry is wearing a smile too.



  1. What inspires you to create your jewelry?
    It’s easy to get inspired when you’re travelling. You see new things every day in every new country. It could be just a landscape, a silhouette of the tree, flowers you’ve never seen before, traditional textiles with unique patters. There’re lots of inspiring things around.
  2. Out of all the places you visited, where was your favorite?
    As for now my favorite place is Thailand and particularly one small village on the Shore of Andaman Sea.  I love to go back there from time to time. I love this country because it inspires me a lot and this is the place where the entire BeYindi idea was born. Thailand is the land of smiles and happy people, as soon as you get there you feel relaxed and balanced. I love that feeling.
    I could say that another not less inspiring country for me was Peru. Unbelievable landscapes and surreal constructions make you think twice about who you really are.
  3. What’s your favorite piece out of your collection?
    There are several special items in my collection that remind me of some significant events in my life. I love pearls so any jewelry with pearls could be my favorite for some time. I also admire highly polished silver surface and nice natural curves, as well as delicate silver lace and ajoure patterns.
  4. What’s your favorite animal?
    Speaking about animals and the entire fauna theme in jewelry I can say that I love butterflies because there’s an unlimited set of patterns variations of their wings. Speaking about daily life I can’t distinguish one particular kind that I like the most, but I should say that spending time in Thailand I learned to respect animals and insects.
  5. What country/ place has the best food in your opinion?
    That is definitely China. Chinese people know how to cook everything, literally. A variety of ingredients and cooking styles is really impressive. And it’s affordable, I mean you can have a very expensive dish in a fancy restaurant or just go and grab some street food which is not less delicious and totally safe because everything is 100% fresh. 
  6. Coffee or tea?
    Always tea. I never drink coffee because I don’t like its taste. Only once I really enjoyed my morning coffee that was in Vietnam. They make it really sweet with condensed milk and I think that was the reason I liked it.
  7. What’s your favorite thing to do on a lazy day?
    I would do some yoga and reading. I also like to look through my travel photos and find out I haven’t seen some of them yet.
  8. Do you take your own pictures? If so, what camera do you use?
    I love to take pictures, although I never learned anything about photography. I use my old Sony Alfa NEX-3 with zoom lens.
  9. What’s your favorite souvenir you’ve collected on your journeys?
    I usually don’t shop for souvenirs, because many of them are made in China and has nothing to do with the country I visit. Except jewelry I love to bring home some simple things such as a small seashell from some tropical beach or a pine cone from a forest in Germany.
  10. Would you to go back to a full time job? Why or why not?
    No, definitely no. Because I have tons of my own plans to work on. I don’t want to spend my time on someone else’s plans and ideas. I think that I have already crossed the point of no return.

Natalie is definitely living life to it’s fullest, and her travel stories are truly inspiring. Please show your support and visit her shop, BeYindi.

Until Next Time xoxo 



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