5 Healthy Habits that Helped Me Loose Weight

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Image by Elizabeth Lies (https://unsplash.com/elizabethlies)

If you guys follow me on Twitter, then you might have noticed that I recently did a poll. Recently, I’ve been going through this writer’s block funk, and I just needed some help in where I needed to lead my content. If you read my New Year’s Resolutions post, then you already know that I am trying really hard to improve my content, as well as many other things.

On my poll, I asked which general topic you wanted me to talk about, and I had 100% votes for health/fitness. So why not kill two birds with one stone? On Wednesday, I shared my current workout playlist, and now I’ve decided to keep the trend of health/fitness to round out January, and slowly progress into February (and Valentine’s Day).

Here are 5 Healthy Habits that Helped Me Loose Weight:

Now, I have to say, my junior and senior year in high school was pretty stressful and I had taken my bad stress habits to the extreme. For one, I was stress eating like no other, and even though I was dancing everyday, it wasn’t enough for me to balance out the amount of unhealthy foods I was eating.

So, over the summer, after I graduated, I wanted to try and loose almost all of the weight I had gained within the past couple of years of high school. Of course it took a lot of effort to try and change my bad habits into healthy ones, but my work paid off.

  1. No Soft-drinks
    You can only imagine the amount of results you will get by just watching what you put into your body. Cutting soft drinks to only a couple a month, or off completely will make a huge difference in your overall health and physique.
  2. Drink Lots of Water
    Like the Earth, you’re body is 70% water, therefore you need to be drinking at least 3 cups of water a day (that is the equivalence of a standard water bottle and a half).  Most of the time, when you feel the need to eat at weird times of the day, or overeat, you aren’t actually hungry- you’re just dehydrated. Not only does water help you feel fuller, and cleanse your insides of impurities, it also helps your skin.
  3. Eat a Healthy Breakfast
    Like they always say: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast is very important because it kick starts your metabolism for the day, which allows you to start burning the food you eat and convert it into energy (instead of storing it as fat). By eating breakfast, you’ll feel more energized and less grumpy.
  4. Fiber is Your Friend
    Naturally, your body cannot digest fiber, but that doesn’t mean that your body won’t stop trying! This is great because even though you aren’t gaining any “real” nutritional value from fiber, you are still benefiting from it. The fiber will also aid your metabolism as it kicks it into high gear in attempts to digest it.
  5. 4-6 Meals a Day
    Instead of eating three big meals a day, try eating 4-6 small to medium meals a day. This means every couple hours or so, between each meal time, you need to be snacking. By doing so, your metabolism will be consistently working throughout the day. This also helps you portion control during your main meals (especially during dinner). **NOTE: You should be eating healthy snacks, such as fruits and vegetables, during these small “meals”. Also, you should not eat heavily past 8:30pm because we are less active at night and while we sleep, which means your bodily systems are slowing down, causing you to store the food instead of burning it (kind of like hibernation).**

As a disclaimer, I am here to remind you that I am not a health professional… yet. So while some tricks may work for me, some may not work out for you or others. You are your best doctor, so listen to what your body is telling you.

**NOTE: On top of healthy eating, you also need to be active in a way that increases your heart rate for at least 30 minutes a day. **

Hopefully some of these tips and habits will help you maintain your New Year’s resolution to be healthier. Together, let’s become our best selves, and make 2016 our year!

Until Next Time xoxo 


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