#Brablems? #NoThanks!

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Image by Christopher Campbell (https://unsplash.com/chrisjoelcampbell)

We’ve all had those moments where we are really feeling our outfit, however, it’s hard to work it because we are uncomfortable (and I’m not talking about your belt being too tight). I know I’m not the only one confessing that bras will be the death of me, and that I would rather not wear a bra if I didn’t have to.

But, there are ways to increase the level of comfort with your bra! Here are some of my brablems and some solutions to make wearing a bra more bearable:

When it comes to underwear I am completely useless. I mean, who am I kidding, I don’t even really know how to successfully put on a bra the proper way, and I’m nineteen going on twenty! But that’s not the only problem I have. There’s also:

  1. Straps digging into my shoulders
  2. Riding band
  3. Falling straps
  4. Wires digging into my chest
  5. Quad-boob
  6. ETC!

Almost every female has had some brablem of their own, and your brablems may not be the same as the girl sitting next to you!

In all honesty though, I had no idea why all these problems were occurring, on and off, or how to even fix them accordingly. Thankfully, ThirdLove created a graphic that helped me understand why some of these issues were occurring.

These tips are such game changers that I just had to share it with you! I’ve tried their tips and they have made breathing become easier, and have reduced the aches and pains in my upper back and shoulders.


This PDF file has helped me understand why my bra was making my clothing look frumpy instead of cute and chic, and why my bra was causing me so much discomfort to the point where it was a struggle for me to even sit up straight. From what I know, the brablems that the PDF touches on are most common issues for a lot of ladies that I know, including myself.

But there’s one more issue we must address. What bras are both comfortable and cute/sexy? I mean, we all know that tshirt bras are not the most attractive kinds out there. If you are looking for a bra that is both comfortable and cute/sexy I invite you to check out the bras from ThirdLove. Trust me when I say that they have a lot of cute and sexy designs that are also supportive and comfortable. It’s the best of both worlds!

Overall, we can all agree that bras were solely created to silently torture women, but guess what? We outsmarted them because we can now wear cute and attractive bras comfortably while strutting our tumblr and pintrest worthy outfits!

Until Next Time xoxo





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