I Survived Working My First Black Friday!!

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Image by Safouan Besrour (https://unsplash.com/besrour)

As almost everyone knows, Black Friday is the annual event where people of all ages gather to do some extreme shopping with amazing deals that are almost too good to be true (usually the biggest sale of the year).

For some, it’s an adrenaline packed rush full of early holiday shopping and joy; and for others, the experience is the equivalence of Dante’s Inferno, where you work in retail depends your fate.

As for me, I didn’t suffer too much while working on Black Friday. Here is my experience of working my first Black Friday:

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5 Tips for Shopping: Transitioning Between Looks Without Going Broke

Image by Chelsea Francis (https://unsplash.com/ohhhchelsea)
Image by Chelsea Francis (https://unsplash.com/ohhhchelsea)

Happy Wednesday Loves!

So, if I haven’t mentioned it yet, I am recently going through the process of transitioning between looks. I am transitioning between my high school “girl next door” look, to something more professional, and mature, with a lot of neutral colors. So, that means a lot, a lot of shopping! I also am in the process of trying to become more independent, which means, many of the things I am buying is with my own hard earned money. So these are some tips on transitioning without going broke:

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