I Survived Working My First Black Friday!!

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Image by Safouan Besrour (https://unsplash.com/besrour)

As almost everyone knows, Black Friday is the annual event where people of all ages gather to do some extreme shopping with amazing deals that are almost too good to be true (usually the biggest sale of the year).

For some, it’s an adrenaline packed rush full of early holiday shopping and joy; and for others, the experience is the equivalence of Dante’s Inferno, where you work in retail depends your fate.

As for me, I didn’t suffer too much while working on Black Friday. Here is my experience of working my first Black Friday:

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Image by Sylwia Bartyzel (https://unsplash.com/sylwiabartyzel)


Hello December! Gosh, November just flew by right?! This is probably the fastest year ever for me! Now with Thanksgiving out of the way, I can now put up my Christmas tree and shamelessly sing Christmas music obnoxiously!!

Now, you are probably wondering ‘Why Blogmas?’. Well, for one, I am not going crazy, and will explain everything here:

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[ N O T E . T W O ]

Hello loves!!

I’m so sorry for all of the back ups with my posts!! Even though Thanksgiving is right around the corner, I still have tests and projects due early in the week, so right now, I’m focused on that!!

I should be on the right foot again on Wednesday, November 25th! Thank you so much for being patient!!

See you on Wednesday!!

Until Next Time xoxo 


Would You Rather Beauty TAG!

Image by Yaoqi LAI (https://unsplash.com/yaoqiqiqilai)
Image by Yaoqi LAI (https://unsplash.com/yaoqiqiqilai)

Hey loves!! Sorry for the delayed posts lately! Along with my school schedule, I’ve been trying to be a good blogger and have been planning posts out in advance! With that being said, I just need one day to do all of my photography, and those posts will be out like *snaps* that. Now, without a further adieu, here is my Would You Rather Beauty Tag:

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Top 5 Inspirational Quotes that are Relatable

Image by Ryan McGuire (http://www.gratisography.com)
Image by Ryan McGuire (http://www.gratisography.com)

Everyone has that book, movie, song, etc. that they can relate to. For me, there are so many lessons in life that I have learned through the help of quotes. Some quotes have stuck with me more than others — it just depends on the conditions and circumstances of what’s going on in my life. After you read this, I hope that at least one of these quotes will be able to stick with you.

Here are my top 5 inspirational quotes that I can relate to:

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My Rant for the Day: Crossing the Street

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Image by Ryan McGuire (http://www.gratisography.com)

For those who don’t know, I am currently attending university — a fairly large university that is. I am also a commuter, which means I don’t live directly on campus in a dorm, for me, I live about thirty minutes away roughly depending on traffic. As fellow driver and a pedestrian, I can understand both sides of the argument. However, today I’m going to show my side of being a driver on campus.  In this post I would love to fiercely address the proper etiquette of crossing the street.

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My Experience: First Day of College

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Image by Ryan McGuire (http://www.gratisography.com)

Would you like me to tell you about the dreadful feeling of realizing that after walking across the stage to receive my diploma, knowing I don’t have to turn back and face the horrors of high school, only to go back to school. To be completely honest, this was probably the most eventful first day of school I’ve ever experienced.

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My Aspirations in Life

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Image by Ryan McGuire (http://www.gratisography.com)

Looking back on my life and my upbringings, I am aware that I come from a very privileged background. I have had gone on multiple family vacations, I have had the latest devices and games, and clothes, etc. However, that doesn’t mean life was always a walk in the park, even if my problems were tiny compared to the rest of the world’s. That doesn’t mean I can’t relate, and that I don’t understand what hardship is like.

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