December Instagrams

Happy Saturday Loves~

I know that I’m posting super late, but one thing led to another, and here we are. One of my goals for winter break was to try and take the time to up my Instagram game, and I think I’ve been improving.

To track my progress with editing, and my brand’s amount of quality, I’ve decided to share my IG feed each month!

My biggest issue was getting posts up on time, but I discovered Buffer. I promise you this app is a total game changer! Not only does it send me notifications to remind me to post, but it will let me schedule and preplan my captions and edits! Thanks to this useful app, I was able to manage my Instagram feed better.

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With Love, Joslyn

My Favorite Instagram Accounts

PicMonkey Collage 1

Everyone has that special group of IG users that are just #goals and #aesthetics. No doubt, these 7 lovely ladies are my all time favorite IG users!! Their photography is to die for, and let’s be honest here, they’re my queens, and just inspire me every single day. My favorites consist of bloggers, fashion icons, and YouTube sensations who never cease to amaze. Here are my favorite Instagram accounts:

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