Stationary Haul #1 // AliExpress

i filmed a stationary haul a few months ago, and i finally finished editing it! i am super proud of this video, even though it is a more relaxed and chill video. in this video, i showcased all the stationary items that i bought from aliexpress.

links to all products and timestamps are located in the video’s description box!

i hope you have a fun super bowl sunday!

with love,

Banana Republic Fall Fashion Haul

From my last post, it is fairly apparent that I love fall. So, in preparation, I may have bought a few new items… okay, maybe a lot. But, who could blame me?! Layering and sweaters and scarves — just everything! My justification for getting new fall items is that I am transitioning between looks, and I’m reselling or repurposing my old clothes. Anyways, before you judge me more than you already have, here is what I have bought, from BR, for the season:

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