Tasty Talk: Slater’s 50/50

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I am an avid follower of the saying “You live to eat.” From one foodie to another, I absolutely love finding places to try new and different takes on my favorite dishes. Therefore, I would like to formally introduce Tasty Talk!” To pay tribute to all of my fellow foodies, this series will encompass everything about food, drinks, and recipes.

To kick off this series, I would like to introduce you to Slater’s 50/50! Continue reading “Tasty Talk: Slater’s 50/50”

California Travel Diary | Anaheim Packing District

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If you are following me on Twitter, then you are probably more aware of what I was up to when I was in California. One of the first places my family and I visited, when we landed in L.A, was the Anaheim Packing District. I hate to say though, that I loved going to the Packing House more than normal people would have.  Continue reading “California Travel Diary | Anaheim Packing District”

Product Review: Carnation Breakfast Essentials Grab n’ Go! Smoothies

Ever since my late middle school years, I stopped eating breakfast in the mornings because I preferred to get more sleep than to eat; however, the most important meal of the day is breakfast. The reason being is that breakfast the jump start of your day — starting your metabolism, helping you feel energized and more full than going without food until brunch or lunch.

Thanks to BzzAgent I have been given the opportunity to try out Carnation’s Grab n’ Go! Breakfast Smoothies from Kroger.

Here is what Colin and I think about Carnation’s Grab n’ Go! Breakfast Smoothies in both Mixed Berry and Strawberry Banana.

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