Banana Republic Fall Fashion Haul

From my last post, it is fairly apparent that I love fall. So, in preparation, I may have bought a few new items… okay, maybe a lot. But, who could blame me?! Layering and sweaters and scarves — just everything! My justification for getting new fall items is that I am transitioning between looks, and I’m reselling or repurposing my old clothes. Anyways, before you judge me more than you already have, here is what I have bought, from BR, for the season:

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My Top 5 Fall Fashion Pieces

Image by Ryan McGuire (
Image by Ryan McGuire (

Hello, Autumn! It’s good to have you back! However, Texas, get with the program and give us some nice fall weather please! Fall is my favorite time of the year, and during this time of preparation, I always get so excited and anxious for fall, especially with fall fashion collections revealing themselves to the public eye. Here are my top 5 iconic fall fashion pieces!

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