How to Manage Being Apart


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Image by Anneliese Phillips

Hello Loves!

Due to my untimeliness, and procrastination, I have fallen off schedule (again). Right now, I am at the mercy of my work schedule, so I have yet to adjust to the seasonal changes of summer! But have no fear, I have a butt load of things planned out for you guys which are currently in the works.

Today’s blog post is about being apart from your significant other for some time due to family vacations, work, life, etc.  Continue reading “How to Manage Being Apart”

What to Expect After 3 Years Together

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In today’s society, for a lot of people three years is a long time for a relationship: especially if you are in high school, and in your first couple of years of college. Some people might say that the average time for people to be together is between two weeks and three months.

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