Fairytale Rendition: “Little Red Wolf”

Happy Tuesday~

Before I introduce Little Red Wolf, I would like to update you guys on my new posting schedule: Throughout the rest of my winter break, I will be posting on Tuesdays and Saturdays! Hopefully this will help me get back in my rhythm before school starts so that I can maintain this schedule. Also, I am currently working on my travel video for my Vegas trip, so that will be up once it’s finished!

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Why You Should Start Investing in a Skincare Regimen

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Image by Anna Sastre

It is clinically proven that you cannot reverse the effects of aging, without going under the needle. Therefore, the only way to manage wrinkles, crow’s feet, under-eye bags, etc. is by preventing such effects. Your skin mainly craves and is deprived of hydration, moisture, and nutrients.

Currently, skin care is the biggest cosmetic trend, especially in South Korea. From sheet masks to essences, Westerners want-in on the secrets of looking younger, longer.

In South Korea, they are obsessed with their 10-step skin-care regimen. Don’t panic! You should customize your skin care regimen to fit your skin’s unique needs. Some beauty bloggers have as low as 5 steps, while some are known to have 12-13 steps. It is not expected to suddenly splurge on a bunch of high-end skin care products, but you can start small with some of the basic steps. At first, it may seem like a hassle, but your skin deserves your upmost attention.

Not to mention, there are a lot of drug-store products that can do wonders for stressed out college students.
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#FeatureFriday | Meet Nicole Rita Sharp

Happy Saturday Loves~

To start off my newfound commitment, I decided to go with something that I already did a couple of weeks back! As some of you may know, I am a part of Her Campus at UNT; and, recently, we hosted a mini beauty con event, and I got to interview the loveliest ladies!

I would like to introduce to you — Nicole Rita Sharp!:

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Back To School Tag 2016

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Image by Poodar Chu

Hello loves~

So sorry for this week’s hiatus! I decided to take a break this week, rest up, and take care of my body and health before school starts. During this small break, I have come up with a lot of mini projects, and ideas, so get excited! I am already ahead by two weeks! *happy dance*

Since school starts on Monday for me, I thought I would do a fun back to school post as my last post of the summer.  Continue reading “Back To School Tag 2016”

Meet Meg & Simply Different~ || #FeatureFriday


Founded in 2010, ‘Simply Different’ was once known locally as ‘a little piece of heaven’ based in Coleshill, in Birmingham. After the loss of her father, Cara closed the shop to gain the time she needed for healing. Her daughter, Megan then restarted the magic, letting Simply Different live on, which then grew to the little online world of wonder that is today. 

The shop is filled with gifts and treasures for the Mind, Body & Soul sourced from all over the world, from handmade jewelry, to healing crystals, & bohemian gifts for the home. Simply Different is the page you visit when your heart needs healing love, your soul needs some light and your mind needs a little magic. The shop was created with loving intentions, and with the hope to promote ‘embracing difference’ in every customer. 

Each order is personally handmade, handpicked and gift wrapped with all the glitter, ribbon and packaging your heart could want. 

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Asian Stereotypes That Have Bothered Me

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Image by Riku Lu

Hello Loves~

I know it has been a while, and that I’m still off schedule, BUT I am currently fixing that with pre-writing, etc.

Today’s post was inspired due to the ignorance of one coworker of mine. Long story short, she’s awful, and I don’t like her that much. Background info: She believes our GM got his job because we are located in an area which is highly populated by Asians.

**Disclaimer: I do not mean to offend anybody, I just deeply bothered by what my coworker said, and needed to express how I feel about some stereotypes. I don’t resent the people who have offended me in the past either.** Continue reading “Asian Stereotypes That Have Bothered Me”