#Brablems? #NoThanks!

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Image by Christopher Campbell (https://unsplash.com/chrisjoelcampbell)

We’ve all had those moments where we are really feeling our outfit, however, it’s hard to work it because we are uncomfortable (and I’m not talking about your belt being too tight). I know I’m not the only one confessing that bras will be the death of me, and that I would rather not wear a bra if I didn’t have to.

But, there are ways to increase the level of comfort with your bra! Here are some of my brablems and some solutions to make wearing a bra more bearable:

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Guest Blogger: “Holiday Party Looks” by Jordan Rae Styles

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Hello loves! Today’s post is going to be a little different. Today, we have the beautiful Jordan Rae from Jordan Rae Styles with us! She was so kind enough to let us have her here today. Fact: She is currently a sophomore in college and is pursuing a degree in fashion!

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Product Review: Green Tree Jewelry

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Hello Loves! Before I get started, I just wanted to apologize for my absences. Work has at least quadrupled the amount of hours I work because of holiday hours. But no worries! They’re starting to thin out now!!

Today’s product review is a little different today. Green Tree Jewelry reached out and requested some bloggers to review their products, and after one look, I was in love! Check out the three styles I picked out and my full opinion on Green Tree Jewelry here:

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Banana Republic Fall Fashion Haul

From my last post, it is fairly apparent that I love fall. So, in preparation, I may have bought a few new items… okay, maybe a lot. But, who could blame me?! Layering and sweaters and scarves — just everything! My justification for getting new fall items is that I am transitioning between looks, and I’m reselling or repurposing my old clothes. Anyways, before you judge me more than you already have, here is what I have bought, from BR, for the season:

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My Top 5 Fall Fashion Pieces

Image by Ryan McGuire (http://www.gratisography.com)
Image by Ryan McGuire (http://www.gratisography.com)

Hello, Autumn! It’s good to have you back! However, Texas, get with the program and give us some nice fall weather please! Fall is my favorite time of the year, and during this time of preparation, I always get so excited and anxious for fall, especially with fall fashion collections revealing themselves to the public eye. Here are my top 5 iconic fall fashion pieces!

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Image by Ryan McGuire (http://www.gratisography.com)

Hello, and welcome to My Authentic Nature!

I have been attempting to get back into blogging, however, I’ve been wanting to become more serious with my blog, and my content as well. It’s taken me months of trial and error to really figure out what I wanted to talk about, as well as my theme, and all of the creative aspects of my blog.

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