24 Things About Me

happy halloween loves!
life is starting to settle down (for now), and i figured that i would finally write a post! for starters:

  1. today is my birthday!

for those who did not know, today is my birthday, and i am twenty-four today. so, in today’s post, i will tell you twenty-four things about me.
this post will mark a new age — as cheesy as it might be, it is also the truth. in the last couple of weeks, many things have been quickly happening, and i will definitely let you all know what is going on, as soon as i know the results!

so far this year, i have neglected my blog, and i feel like there is a disconnect between me and all of you! so anyways, let’s get started!

  1. the doctor who delivered me was a krueger (nightmare on elm street)

i actually did not know this until a few of years ago, when my mom decided to let me in on this fun fact. what is even funnier is that my boyfriend was born on friday the thirteenth. so i guess we are considered the spooky couple!

  1. i played volleyball for about four years

for four years, i was primarily a libero. if you are not aware of volleyball terminology — this is the player with the different colored jersey! this player is able to go in and out of the court without an official substitution; however, they can only play in the back row. unfortunately, i was not a beast like nishinoya in haiakyuu. i never played on a club team, but i did participate in some training camps for these teams. sadly, i stopped playing after my first year of high school because my knees were starting to bother me.

  1. my myers-briggs personality type is INFJ-T

as a psychology minor, i love learning about people and the things that make you, you! if you have never taken a personality test, i definitely recommend it. to be specific, i am a turbulent advocate. INFJ-T stands for: introvert, intuitive, feeling (vs. thinking), judging (vs. perceiving), and turbulent (vs. assertive). to be honest, i am not entirely sure what this all means, and i should brush up on this information.

  1. my enneagram is two

to follow up with the last fact, an enneagram test tells you what your driving force is. this is centered around a specific emotion, which can be experienced strongly or avoided. those who are type two are known as the givers. we tend to be helpful, nurturing, and caring towards others.

  1. my love language is words of affirmation and acts of service

this is pretty much me. understanding your love language and others can be very helpful! remember a time where you were expecting something, either tangible or intangible, from a loved one. but, they ended up giving you something completely different, or worse something that you could care less for. however, from the giver’s perspective, they whole heartedly believed that you would like it. by knowing and understanding the different love languages, you can help uplift those around you and provide their wants and needs.

  1. i love coffee.

if you have been following me for a while, or if you follow me on any other social media platform, you know that i am obsessed with coffee. even if i do not post about coffee a lot, i really do love it. there are days where i can drink two or three cups of it! granted, that much caffeine is not entirely good for you, but it just tastes so good. . .

  1. my go to drink at starbucks is:

for the warmer months, i love me an iced chai latte! for the colder months, i lean more towards a white chocolate mocha or a basic vanilla latte. if i am trying out a new café, i will more than likely order a vanilla latte to just test the waters.

  1. boba runs through my blood

again, not the most healthiest thing to consume, but it just tastes so yummy! my favorite boba franchise is sharetea. if you are wondering if i am more of a milk tea or fruit tea kind of girl — let me tell you that it depends. i love all kinds of boba drinks, and what i order depends on where we are at.

  1. my family is from vietnam

people who i work with always ask me where i am from, and my natural response is New Orleans, because that is the truth. however, my family is from vietnam. i do not get offended by this question, or other variations (for the most part), but it is obvious when someone’s intention is not friendly. growing up, a lot of people have asked me “are you chinese or asian?”, which makes me a little upset, but not in the way that you think. if you think about it, this question does not make any sense. there are times where i will entertain them and ask them what they thought.

  1. i am addicted to kdramas

korean dramas are just so much better than normal tv! although i am not up to date with many dramas, i have definitely seen a fair share of them. also, if i start one, it is guaranteed that you will not see me for a few days. so far, my favorite dramas are: goblin, strong women do bong soon, secretary kim, and he is psychometric.

  1. DC vs. Marvel?

overall, i prefer DC over marvel in terms of story line and worlds. for tv shows, DC has had its fair share in good shows. however, for movies, i think Marvel takes the prize on that. some of my favorite DC shows are Young Justice, Teen Titans, and The Flash (on the CW).

** at this point i am running out of stamina for typing this in one go, so i am just going to list out the last half of facts! **

  1. my acnh island is called 100 Aker — named after winnie the pooh
  2. i love dogs, and my favorite breeds include corgis, heelers, and pit bulls.
  3. as someone who was raised in texas, i like country music — my favorite artist is Luke Combs! he has a diverse range of storytelling, and his music is both sentimental and comedic. some songs that i love from him are: 6 feet apart, better together, and when it rains it pours.
  4. my guilty pleasure is learning, listening, and watching anything about true crime. one of my go to podcasts for this is crime junkie!
  5. one of my favorite shows is Prodigal Son! it is so freaking good, and season two is coming out in january!!! i highly recommend that you watch and catch up before then. *warning: it is not for the faint of heart and can be quite scary and gory at times*
  6. i like listening to kpop, and i have been a fan of BTS since 2015. my bias is jimin! although i feel more attached to this boy band, that does not mean i don’t listen to others. if you want, you could say i am a multifan (am i using that term properly). essentially, i listen to a wide variety of artists and groups.
  7. waffles are better than pancakes. you can argue that it is the same batter, but i do not care. the texture of a waffle is superior to a pancake!
  8. my favorite candies are gummies. i love trolli sour worms and sour patch kids!
  9. in terms of cake vs. pie, this is a little bit harder of a choice for me. i feel like it depends, but i do love me a good warm apple pie with ice cream. i think my boyfriend and i are going to make a pumpkin pie sometime this next week~
  10. i enjoy more artistic or creative activities than math and science. this juxtaposition has always been a struggle for me, especially during my undergraduate career. this does not mean that i do not appreciate both sides of the brain, i just prefer certain things over others.
  11. asmr is another guilty pleasure of mine. however, i am picky when it comes to certain videos or asmrists. i prefer the softer, slower, and gentler sounds compared to others. for the most part, i like to take naps with asmr in the background. i just feel more rested afterwards!
  12. i am currently working on a passion project, that i would love to share with you guys sometime soon! this is a solo project, which means that i am working by myself on it so it could be a little while before i release or disclose what it is! with that being said, it is possible that this project will not see the light of day. however, i do hope that it can come to fruition at some point.

* * *

okie dokie! that concludes this list, which means this post is coming to an end. i apologize if you feel like it was a little rushed or random. the idea to write this post was something i thought of a couple days ago, however, i did not plan accordingly for it.

from here on out, i hope to be on a better schedule to ensure that i am releasing content more consistently. i remember how excited and obsessed i was about starting and having a blog. and, at the beginning, i had a lot of traction! of course, i am basically starting back at square one for most things. however, that is not a bad thing!

you could say that i am revamping my brand. when i first started this blog in 2015, i was not sure what my niche was, and was not sure if my thoughts and opinions had any place on the inter-web. . .

these days, i have been craving productivity, and having something to do and work on while i await my fate (obscene i know, but you will find out soon enough). again, i hope to be more proactive with my blog and my presence on the internet — so, i hope you will stick around for the newest chapter of my life!

with love, joslyn

ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

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