2019 Inkberry Planner Review

It’s no secret that I am a stationary addict, so when Inkberry reached out to me to review their planner, you already know how excited I was! Stay tuned till the end of this review for a chance to win your very own Inkberry Planner.

So first things first — this planner is available for purchase on Amazon, for only $21. This is honesty a steal for the quality of this planner, and it is on the cheaper side of the spectrum. I am actually very picky with my planners, and a few years ago, I paid $40 for one.

Inkberry’s packaging for this planner was so considerate that my heart ached a little. When I opened my package, the first thing I noticed was that the planner was inside a thick cardboard case, to protect it from damages normally caused by shipping.

This planner a elegant and textured hardcover which meets my aesthetic. It is a very simple design with an elastic closure to keep everything together. There is also a very secure and convenient pen holder along the spine, and two bookmarks for your monthly spread and for your weekly spread.

When I received this planner, at a discounted rate, it was advertised to be bleed-resistant paper that is perfect for fountain pen users. So, I tested this claim, and the paper is quite durable. I am not a fountain pen user, but I tested the paper with different pens, and it is very absorbent! I do have some inks and a calligraphy pen, and tested how the paper handled those. I was a little heavy with the ink and it did bleed through slightly, but there was no issue once it was at the proper consistency.

This planner is also very handy for keeping notes, receipts, business cards, etc. because it has a very big pocket, or folder, inside of the back cover. Inkberry was also very generous and provides us with two pads of sticky notes: one with a grid and one with a dot grid — both pads also have high quality paper.

What I love the most about Inkberry is that they allow the user to be creative, and use the planner as they wish. The monthly and weekly spreads are grey, plain, and simple. However, this is perfect for me because I love to color code and use my Mildliners, and Inkjoy pens. As a full time university student, part time worker, and part time blogger, I need the space and freedom to schedule everything.



This planner is an all-in-one book that also has:

  1. a World Map and Metrics
  2. a spread for Contact Information
  3. 12 Routine Trackers
  4. 33 Lined Notes Pages

Each weekly spread also has a spot for you to write in your weekly goals, and gives you a little boost with inspirational quotes. In a way, it is a practical blend of both a traditional planner and a bullet journal.

Overall, Inkberry fulfills my needs at an affordable price, and that’s all I could asked for. I think this small family business from San Jose, California did a fabulous job on their first product, and I am expecting great things from them in the future!

Now that you know a little more about this planner, I am happy to announce that I will be hosting a giveaway through March 31st! Unfortunately, this giveaway will only be available to those who are living in the States.

Win An Elegant Inkberry Planner #16 https://js.gleam.io/e.js

Follow Inkberry on:
** Twitter – twitter.com/InkberryP
** Facebook – facebook.com/Inkberry-Planner
** Instagram –  instagram.com/Inkberryplanner

There are opportunities to receive multiple entries for this giveaway.

I wish you the best of luck!

With Love, Joslyn

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