Reusable Mesh Bags by SGM Eco + Giveaway!

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The current wave of environmental consciousness is in full swing within collegiate institutions. At the University of North Texas, we are attempting to reduce the use of straws, and advocating for the transition of reusable or biodegradible alternatives.

I am here to help continue this eco-friendly trend by saying goodbye to plastic bags, and introducing SGM’s reusable mesh bags.

For starters, this product is one of those that you didn’t realize you needed until you had it. As a university student who commutes, I pretty much carry half of my belongings in my car — and it’s generally not organized. Life is a little hectic right now to always have my car squeaky clean. I typically keep snacks, a blanket, my gym bag, a sweatshirt or two, and a few pairs of shoes in my backseat or trunk at all times.

After receiving this product, I immediately thought it would be perfect to get my car and gym bag organized.

This product convienently comes with 12 washable drawstring pouches: 3 small 0.5oz (12×8″), 6 medium 0.79oz (12×14″), and 3 large 0.91oz (12×17″). A medium bag is a little awkward with its dimensions, but it’s capable to hold a pair of shoes, which is a life saver when it comes to keeping your clothes and shoes separate. As if my school and work schedule wasn’t as hectic enough, I also work out at least twice a week and participate in volleyball practices, games, and tournaments.

To test the effectiveness of this product, I placed a pair of dirty shoes with some dried mud and grass on them inside of one of the medium bags. Then, I placed it it inside my gym bag with my clean clothes and towel. Surprisingly, none of the loose grass and dried mud pieces fell through the mesh lining. Ever since then, I’ve been constantly using this product to keep my shoes from dirtying my car and gym bag.

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For my snacks, the dimensions for the large bags is perfect! It is tall enough to fit a can of Pringles comfortably, and then some. It is not as wide as the medium bags, but it’s height makes up for it. By placing my snacks in SGM’s bags, I am able to easily carry various beverages and munchies without taking up space in my backpack, or looking like I just came from the grocery store.

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I can also store and carry my belongings in these bags without fear of tearing. However, you must be careful of user error. The lining at the bottom of the bags isn’t perfect, but it will last if you don’t try to aggressively pull at it.

Overall, I really enjoy this product, and have been actively using them in my daily life. I was not able to depict it in this post, but these bags are also great for washing fruits straight from the grocery store. These bags are a little heavier than your typical plastic bags provided by the grocery store, but you can easily reuse those bags as well. Then, you’ll be able to weigh your produce and fruits accordingly and then transfer them into your SGM bag to easily wash once you get home.

I have even washed my fruits, allowed them to dry, and then store them in my fridge without even taking them out of the bag!

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Alright, now here is the moment you’ve all been waiting for — the giveaway! I am so sorry that I am just now offering this to you, when I was suppose to start it on November 7th. The deadline for this giveaway is November 28th, so if you’re interested, make sure you sign up as soon as possible!
With Love, Joslyn
** this product was given in exchange for an honest review **


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