I Love My OUTWIT Alarm Clock

With the holiday season quickly approaching, some of you may be considering gifts for your loved ones, or even for yourself! OUTWIT has a wonderful product that is a great candidate for an affordable and practical gift.

Here is my take on OUTWIT’s Alarm Clock, retailed at $12.99

OUTWIT advertises their alarm clock as a child’s product, but it could be used for all ages. This little clock is light-weight, fun, and effective. Although the clock is quite round, it is very light-weight due to its ABS plastic material. This plastic is kid friendly, and parents can keep the product within reach of children without fear of breakage or injuries. You can begin operating this product after placing 3xAAA batteries in their holder.

I want to start this review with the interface. It is quite simple with dual settings for optimal universal use.

IMG_5570 edit

The design of the clock’s interface allows the user to see the time, date, and internal temperature with one glance. I live in the States, and my temperature is set to Fahrenheit, but this alarm clock allows me to switch to Celsius with a simple button. Similarly, the time can be set to the standard digital setting, or changed to read military time.

IMG_5579 edit.jpg

With these four buttons and user manual, you can easily set and adjust your preferred settings. When I received this product, it was before daylight savings, but accomedating for the hour lost was surprisingly simple. This clock allows you to move time forward and backwards easily, in comparison to some clocks that only allow you to go up until it resets.

OUTWIT was able to program their product to have eight alarm tones — the last three are more traditional tones, or rings, whereas the first five are more kid friendly melodies and songs. Overall, I think these tones are pretty loud, but not aggressive enough to effectively, or abruptly, wake someone up from slumber. You can also set how long you want your snooze time to last, from one minute to an hour.

This company has also allowed the alarm clock to have seven alternating backlights by simply pushing down the clock gently. At the base of the clock, there are two buttons labeled “Tap,” and these indicate that the clock must be resting on a surface in order to activate the backlight. You simply can’t activate the light by touching the top. Similarly, to turn off the backlight, the user must push down on the clock. I’m not certain if there is a default time out for the backlight, but I have allowed it to run between 3-10 minutes without the light ceasing.



Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 12.26.59 PM
**(as depicted on Amazon)**



Overall, I really enjoy using this clock. It is currently located in my bathroom, which helps me manage my time in the morning while my phone continues to charge. I highly recommend this clock, even though I don’t utilize the alarm function.

I plan on ordering more of this product for some of the kids in my family, as well as Colin’s little brother, for the holidays! I’m sure they would love it, especially my asesthetic seeking little cousin. Bravo OUTWIT!

With Love, Joslyn

** this product was given in exchange for an honest review **


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