DWB iPhone Case Review + Giveaway


Happy Saturday Loves~

It has been almost a month since my last blog post and I am so sorry! With spring break, family business, and school, the weeks just passed without me realizing. However, things have finally slowed down and I am back in business!

I am happy to announce that I have been working with DWB Cases, and stay tuned till the end of this blog post, you will have the opportunity to win this exact phone wallet!

I was extremely excited to receive this product from DWB because Colin has been wanting something like this for a while. He has a habit of misplacing his wallet, and during our freshman year, there was an instant that he lost it at school. Thankfully, someone turned it in to an administrator, and we were able to retrieve everything within the wallet.

Ever since then, we have been on top of it, but it’s a little more nerve-wrecking when we are traveling. I was hoping to receive this product before we went to LA for spring break, but because of my timing, we weren’t able to test out the product until we came back home.

Colin really loves this product, and I don’t have to keep asking if he has his wallet. It’s a win-win situation! This product is very sleek, stylish, and lightweight — definitely smaller than most phone wallets I’ve seen. In fact, I have used a phone wallet before, however I disliked how bulky it was and how awkward it felt in my back pocket.


DWB’s iPhone case for iPhone 6/6s has three pockets in total, which took Colin some time to adjust too; however, he grew to like only having what he needed. Within the phone wallet, he carries his debit card, school ID, and drivers license — everything else stays in the car. This case only makes his phone slightly thicker, which is very convenient because Colin is able to easily slip everything in and out of his pocket.

This product has difficulty closing all the way, however, it doesn’t bother him much. He stated that if it were to lay completely flat, the phone wallet would have to be a bit bigger, and he thinks it defeats the purpose. Since iPhones are already big, he wouldn’t want any case to make it any bigger or heavier. Also, the thick leather which lined the binding at the top and bottom of the case came undone after 48 hours of usage. This was expected, but it didn’t affect the design nor bother Colin.

He especially likes how the front and back can be held together magnetically when he wishes to uses his phone without holding the flap open. Colin also likes how his case doesn’t make his phone overheat, regardless of there being two layers to it.

Overall, DWB’s iPhone case has been a total game changer for both me and Colin. He is constantly using his phone, but doesn’t fully trust Apple pay. We previously had to be very mindful about whether he dropped his wallet or not, especially in certain pants; however, after receiving this product, I haven’t had to constantly ask him where his wallet was.

I highly recommend this product to anyone who wishes to be minimalistic with carrying their belongings. Unfortunately, I am not one of those people, but that doesn’t mean I dislike this product. I think DWB’s case is very stylish and practical. This product was well made, and is definitely worth $17.

Alright, now that you know you can trust DWB and their product, it’s giveaway time! Thanks to Blogging Campaign and DWB, they’ve made entering the giveaway easy — and you get the opportunity to enter nine times!

All you have to do is visit this link:


Or click this widget:

Win a DWB iPhone 6/6s Case #7 https://js.gleam.io/e.js

This giveaway is open from today, March 31st through April 25th!

Now that life’s calmed down, many of you have taken my poll on Twitter, and have requested that I do more DIY / craft / How To types of posts. If you have any specific requests, please let me know via social media or by commenting below!

That’s it for this Saturday~
Hope to see you on Tuesday!

** Thank you to DWB for providing the product for this review **

With Love, Joslyn


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