Collection Launch: Epigraph by Warby Parker


I love glasses and sunglasses — hands down, they are my current obsession, and I’m working hard on expanding my collection with my college budget. When I was little, I didn’t like wearing glasses, and I was embarrassed to be seen with them; but, as I am getting older, I have grown fond to glasses as my eyes are starting to strain and become aggitated by my contacts. Today, I have the honor of announcing the release of Warby Parker’s newest collection: Epigraph. Included in this post will be model images and frame images.

An epigraph is a literary inscription, typically a line of poetry or philosophy, on the opening page of a novel. However, before I get into the collection, I would like to formally introduce this brand and company!

Warby Parker is a company which focuses on cheap, yet trendy glasses and sunglasses for both males and females. For frames, their lowest price is $95, and their most expensive frames are $195. This is significantly cheaper than any other brands that I’ve seen.


Their mission doesn’t stop there. Warby and Parker also works with nonprofit organizations and help give glasses to those in need. For every pair bought, a pair will be given to someone in need. I originally wasn’t aware of their participation in nonprofit organizations, but now that I know, I love this company and their mission more.

The Epigraph collection is being released today, February 13, 2018. This collection is comprised of six new frames: four new glasses and two new sunglasses.


  1. Alcott — $145
  2. Hugo — $145
  3. Louise — $95
  4. Maeve — $145


  1. Winnie — $145
  2. Yates — $145

This entire collection is focused on subtle yet dynamic designs with custom metal details. Their aesthetic also incorporates classic frames, such as cat-eye, rectangle, and a hybrid. This collection is a lovely blend of classy, modern, and slightly eccentric styles. Overall, these six frames are versatile because as trends and fads change, these frames will forever be in style.

I absolutely adore the Alcott and Maeve frames. I love big frames, especially those that more rounded in shape, with or without a slight cat eye. My aesthetic is a blend of chic business casual, and streetwear. These frames match my aesthetic almost perfectly.

Out of the new sunglass frames, I prefer the Winnie over the Yates. The Yates design is very chic, but the Winnie matches my style because they are larger, more rounded, and super sassy.

Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 8.43.07 PM.png

If this is the first time you’ve heard of Warby Parker, don’t worry, they are not impossible to fined. For my north Texans in the Dallas metroplex area, there is a Warby Parker at:

  • Legacy West — Plano
  • North Park — Dallas
  • Warby Parker Classroom — Dallas
  • West Bend — Fort Worth

Unfortunately, these locations do not provide eye exams, but you can still bring your prescription and order your favorite frames.  If you are not sure which model suits your style, you will have the opportunity to take a style quiz, and try 5 pairs for 5 days for free.

Overall, Warby Parker is affordable, stylish, and trendy. Now a days, the trendier the frames, the more expensive; however, Warby Parker’s prices range from $95-$195. This is an absolute steal, and I’m certain that I will be visiting one of their locations very soon!

With Love, Joslyn

** This post is not sponsored. **

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