Simply Complicated: A Review


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To start off the new year, I decided to watch Demi Lovato’s official documentary: Simply Complicated. Even though the documentary has been out since October, I just started seeing trailer ads for it on YouTube. After watching Demi’s story, I needed to share it with y’all. I highly recommend you to watch her heartfelt documentary. Here’s why: 

To put things in prospective, I am 21 and Demi Lovato is 25 — we are only four years apart, and we are both from Dallas, TX. I grew up watching her on screen and eventually obsessed over her work. From Barney to Disney with Camp Rock and Sonny With A Chance, I was well-aware of her.

I also grew up watching technology and social media evolve in my back yard. I never looked at any teen magazines, or even seek out information about celebrities. My only source of information was what I heard on the radio, and what I heard float around in the cafeteria and amongst my friends.

With that being said, I never looked into Demi’s story. I just heard about the rumors of her drug use, and that she was going to rehab.

I applaud Demi Lovato for opening up, and sharing the darkest parts of her past. If you grew up watching her on the screen, but never looked into her side, of her story — her own life — then you need to watch this documentary.

Look past Hollywood’s tirade, and see her struggle and success for yourself.

Perfection is over-rated, and is nonexistent. Sometimes, what appears to be perfect on the outside, reflects just how imperfect it is on the inside. In the era of trying to achieve perfection, Demi Lovato is brave enough to publicly share her imperfections. Her story makes you feel for her, and makes you reflect and relate to her struggles, regardless of whether you share the same demons she faces.

We are all searching for ourselves, and fighting our own demons.

Simply Complicated is awe inspiring, especially for someone who’s just barely entered her 20s and looking to improve themselves. I admire Demi Lovato, not for her struggles, but for her battle and for her fight to get better. She is a prime example of someone who’s learned from their past and has manifested their mistakes into something inspirational and powerful.

I think Demi should be given more credit for her work and perseverance. After watching her documentary, I think you’ll agree that she has more than earned it. She is productive, hardworking, and thorough. She has her good and bad days, just like you and me; but, she still fights. Once you know her story, you will find that her lyrics are the windows to her soul, and that music is her life — literally.

Let me know what you think about Simply Complicated in the comments below! Do you agree or disagree with my opinions? What’s your favorite song from Demi Lovato?

If you have any other documentaries, shows, or movies that you would like for me to review, let me know and I’ll take a peep!

With Love, Joslyn

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