Fairytale Rendition: “Little Red Wolf”

Happy Tuesday~

Before I introduce Little Red Wolf, I would like to update you guys on my new posting schedule: Throughout the rest of my winter break, I will be posting on Tuesdays and Saturdays! Hopefully this will help me get back in my rhythm before school starts so that I can maintain this schedule. Also, I am currently working on my travel video for my Vegas trip, so that will be up once it’s finished!

How, without further adieu, here’s all you need to know about Little Red Wolf

As I mentioned in my #120217 Note, my love for writing originated from reading and writing a ton of short stories and novellas. I’ve really been itching to create characters and plots for a while now, so I finally decided to get back into it with Little Red Wolf.

I’ve tried many times in the past to start renditions to my favorite fairytales, but never really attempted to do so. As you may already have guessed, Little Red Wolf is a rendition of Little Red Riding Hood, but with a plot twist: the protagonists are werewolves.

I don’t plan on updating each chapter onto my blog because this story may not appeal to everyone, but I will try to make weekly updates on Wattpad.

Today, I would like to share the first chapter for you, and hopefully you will give this short story a chance. Also, I’m very open to plot ideas, as well as constructive criticism, because this is my first story in a long time.

Chapter 1

Adrenaline pumped through my veins as I felt the mist filled breeze hit face. My mind should be racing by now, but there was nothing. I couldn’t think, I couldn’t feel, and I’m pretty sure if my body wasn’t kicked into overdrive, I probably wouldn’t even be breathing.

Ellie. The border was three hundred miles back east. We need to seriously stop and rest.

I slowed to a stop and turned to Peter, my green eyes meeting his brown ones. I noticed his wolf’s laboured breathing, and realized how exhausted we both were. I nodded once before slipping behind a bush to shift back and threw on sweats and a hoodie. My long brown hair was starting to curl slightly from the drizzle. Why did it have to be raining?

“Where are we Peter?” I asked softly as I stepped out and slung on my backpack. He was dressed in a similar manner, adorned in sweats and a black t-shirt.

“GPS says Olympia, Washington. There’s a motel about 3 miles from here. Do you want me to carry your bag? Are your feet tired? Want a piggyback ride?” I rolled my eyes. He’s always such a worry-wart, ever since we were little kids. No matter how many times he denies it, Peter has a soft spot for me.

“I may be the alpha’s daughter, but I’m not a helpless princess.” I said glaring at my current, and future beta. We were suppose to start our perspective roles as the new alpha and beta, once I turned eighteen, but circumstances arose, and Peter’s commencement was pushed ahead.

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that,” he commented with a smug smile. If I wasn’t so worn out from the events which unfolded twenty-four hours ago, I would’ve smacked him across the head.

After thirty minutes we arrived at the small, run down motel. Compared to the pack house back at home, it was barely decent, but served its purpose. Once we entered our room, I dropped my bag on the floor and just flopped back on one of the twin beds, covering my face with my arms. “I’ll shower first.” Peter said softly before leaving me to my thoughts. Before I knew it, hot tears roll down my face as everything came crashing down.

We were now rouge.

How was it? Again, I would love as much of your feedback as possible!

Before I sign off for the day, I do want to note that this story is not your Twilight plot theme. In fact, there is no mention of vampires in this story.

I hope you guys had a wonderful holiday with lots of food and as much relaxation as possible! Until next time~

With Love, Joslyn 

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