Face Your Style Fears

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In today’s society, more girls are becoming overly self-contious than not, and it’s starting to get out of hand. Every year, compared to me and my friends, younger and younger girls are starting to indulge in makeup products and diets.

It’s time to stop worrying about what others think and say, and start embracing every nook, cranny, and curve from the tops of your head to the tips of your toes. 

While working in the world of retail, you start to see that the word “fat” and “weight” is very subjective. Thus, there is no actual standard as to what you should and shouldn’t look like. Almost every girl has had the thought of dieting, and shedding a few pounds, come across their mind — including me. But, that shouldn’t make you feel like you need to hold out on the latest trends and fashion fads.

The team from Dia & Co. reached out to me and asked that I take up the challenge to put aside the self-ridicule, but in its place, put on something I would normally shy away from. Dia & Co. is an online boutique, with plus size clothes, which personalizes style boxes for you, and you only have to pay for what you keep!

This was definitely a challenge for me because even though I want to promote self-confidence, I struggle with it myself. I am aware that I am about average in size, but I am self-conscious about many parts of my body. No matter how much I work out, and eat healthy, I will always be aware of my arms, stomach, and thighs.

Dia and Co _141.jpg

At first, when I started my shoot, I was very awkward and stiff. But, slowly, I started getting into it, and really liked  how some of these shots came out. Granted, I was in the comfort of my own home, but, I was able to accept these pictures, and my reflection.

Overall, confidence is key. Who cares about what others think: what matters is what you think, and how you feel. I always tell my customers,

Don’t look at the letter. Don’t look at the number. So long as you feel confident and beautiful, that’s all that matters. No one can even see the tag.

So, I challenge you to treat yourself, and to show your confidence through an outfit you wouldn’t normally wear out because of self-cautious thoughts. I also offer you to share your bomb outfit with me on social media!

Always remember that I accept your topic requests, etc. with open arms!

Until Next Time xoxo

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