Beach Must-Haves

Photo by Dominik Lange

Hello Beautiful~

Spring break is already around the corner, if not here already, and today I am back with something a little different! I was recently motivated by the people at Tripping to think of my must-haves for any beach vaccation!


I get really irritated when I forget something in my hotel room, especially after I’m all oiled up with the sand between my toes. So, to make things a little easier, I made a quick check list of items that might be helpful for you when you hit the beach in the upcoming days, or weeks!

  1. Sunglasses:
    Your eyes are very important organs that can be damaged by the sun, and its bright rays. Personally, having sunglasses on is one of the best feelings ever when out on a hot and sunny day. Not only do you have protection against a harsh ball of fire, but you get to look cute while doing it! There are so many cute sunglasses frames that are just trending all over the blogosphere and internet these days.So, protecting your eyes during your beach vacation is a good excuse for grabbing a new pair of chic sunglasses! 
  2. Face Sunscreen:
    I cannot stress how important sunscreen is for your screen. Sunscreen is of equal importance to your skin as water. Having a good sunscreen for your face is vital for your daily routine, none the less for your sunny vacation.The sun’s rays provide many biological benefits, such as your intake of vitamin D, but that does not mean it isn’t harmful. Over exposure to the sun can cause your skin to wrinkle early, and can also lead to skin cancer.A trusted sunscreen – not moisturizer with SPF – that I use specifically for my face is Shiseido’s Urban Environment Tinted UV Protector with SPF 43, in the shade 1. I use this sunscreen daily over my daily moisturizer. If you are going to be undergoing a lot of sun in one session, such as a day on the beach, I highly recommend getting a sport formula of sunscreen that is sweat proof.


  3. Baseball Cap:
    To follow the theme of skin and sun protection, I highly recommend bringing a baseball cap, or a big floppy hat that will help shield your skin from direct contact with the sun. Personally, I love big floppy hats, but I find them a nescience on a nice breezy day. Therefore, I just substitute it with a cute baseball cap – which is trending right now.
  4. Portable Charger:
    We live in a day and age where our gadgets are our lifelines. This includes our: phones, iPads/ tablets, iPods, computers, etc. By having a portable charger on hand, you’ll have fun longer without the fear of not having any means of communication with the “outside world”.
  5. Water Bottle:
    Last, but definitely not least, a water bottle(s). Water is probably the most important item to bring with you while spending the day at the beach. Not only are you in the heat all day, you are also playing in the ocean. While you are jumping, or catching waves, you are bound to take a mouthful, or a nose full, here and there. High intakes of salt cause your body to become dehydrated. Therefore, you should take breaks once and a while, and drink a lot of water to dilute the salt in your system.

Truthfully, the list could honestly go on for forever (I’m an over-packer) but the items listed above are my ride or die. Destin, Florida is one of the more frequent destinations that my family and I travel to when we have a craving for the beach and ocean breeze. When planning, we tend to reference Tripping when looking for hotel rooms. In fact, my cousins and I are using this helpful website for our cousins’ trip in July!

If you are thinking about going to the beach for spring break, or the summer, I highly advise that you start planning ASAP, especially if you are going to any of the hot spots in the States, or abroad. The further out in advance that you plan will guarantee savings, which then translates to spending more for recreational fun while you are on vacation!

Hopefully this blog post was helpful! I wish you the best of fun while you relax in the sun. Enjoy your spring break to the fullest, and recharge before you start finishing up the rest of the school year.

Until Next Time xoxo


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