Prove to Your Parents That You Can Adult


College, and how you live while attending it, is a decision made by you and your parents. Some collegiettes live at home, while others may live far away. Some are restricted to a minimum allowance, and some don’t have to worry about whether they can eat out or pay rent. Regardless of your financial or parental situations, it is important that we are able to prove to our parents that we can “adult.”

No one wants to admit that they are an adult (at least not yet), but this is a critical transition stage in our young adult lives. This is the time when we need to express ourselves and learn how to be independent of our parents. We owe a lot to the people that raised us, but some of them tend to hold this way over our heads.

They may comment too much on our habits or how we want to live our lives. They may hover over you, even when you are of legal age to vote, smoke, drink, etc. In general, they tend to do a lot of things that make us feel confined and restricted, or like they still care way too much about the little things.

One way to get them to stop breathing down your neck is to prove that you are responsible and can manage yourself in an adequate, adult manner. Here are some ways to demonstrate to your parents that you are young, beautiful, independent, and turning out to be a pretty good adult:

  1. Get A Job: Between balancing school, extra-curricular activities, and friends, getting a job may not be your priority right now. However, that doesn’t take away its value. A job is not just a thing you take on to make money, it’s a way for you to become more well-rounded (on paper and head on), and proves that you’re not all fun and games. By obtaining a job, or at least mentioning the idea, you are showing your parents that you are willing to make important decisions on your own. By trying to juggle work, school, and friends, you are letting them know that you are handling yourself to the best of your abilities.
  2. Pay for Yourself: Regardless of your circumstances, you are old enough to pay for yourself from time to time. You can start slow by paying for the small things you want, like a drink or a snack. Then, gradually, you can start paying for some more expensive things like meals, textbooks, gas, etc. As the years go by, try to take on more expenses while also paying your parents back with gifts of gratitude and love.
  3. Take on Responsibilities: For all of you that live at home, or those who visit from time to time, take on some extra chores or errands. Even though you are still under your parents’ roof, you don’t need them to do your laundry or wash the dishes every time the sink is full. By doing so, not only are you showing signs of gratitude, you are expressing yourself as someone who can do the basic things in life, like everyday household tasks. If you don’t know how to cook or clean, just look up how on YouTube or Google.

Overall, you need to take initiative. Your parents have done a lot for you throughout the years, and the best way to repay them is to show them that you have grown and learned how to take care of yourself. Though they may hover from time to time (or all of the time), they are just making sure that you are in good hands.

Specifically, your own hands.

Until Next Time

xx Joslyn

** As written on HerCampus (d0t) com (slash) UNT **

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