Her Campus Survival Kit Review: Winter Edition


Thanks to Her Campus, and their sponsors, during this holiday season I was able to enjoy a couple of holiday goodies! Majority of these products were provided by Rimmel London. Here are my first impressions:


  1. Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl (#001 – Black Noir) by RIMMEL
    This kohl eyeliner has a very soft and pigmented formula which allows you to easily tight line your eyes, or create a deep sexy smoky look with smudging. However, I feel that the formula is a little too soft, and if you are not careful you could easily ruin the kohl. I noticed that if I was a bit heavy handed, the kohl liner didn’t retain its shape. The liner is also waterproof; however, I did notice that the formula easily smudged.Overall, this product is comfortable and pigmented, but the amount of smudging was a little off putting.
  2. Scandalizes Mascara (#003 – Extreme Black) by RIMMEL
    This by far is the best drug store mascara I have used in a long time. This product’s formula is very thick, but the unique brush allows even application and prevents clumping. I’ve been a fan since the first time I’ve tried it.Overall this amazing mascara has made its way into my daily routine.
  3. Waterproof Natural Bronzer (#022 – Sun Bronze) by RIMMEL
    I am not a daily bronzer user, so this product was somewhat indifferent for me. However, I must say that the formula is very nice, and has more of a soft creamy formula than a powdery one. It applies well onto my brush and my face, but this specific color was slightly too light for me to really notice the effects.
    Overall, from my minimal knowledge, this is one of the best bronzers which I have stumbled across, and I will continue to experiment with this product.
  4. img_4276-edit
  5. Provocalips Kissproof Lip Colour by RIMMEL
    This product came in three shades: #200 – I’ll Call you, #230 – Kiss Fatal, and #550 – Play with Fire. These shades are perfect for the holiday season; but, to be honest, this was not my favorite product which we received in this survival kit issue. Originally, I was excited to try these out, but after the second time, I fell out of love with it. (**Disclaimer: I tend to have more overly sensitive lips which have a habit of drying out with a lot of lippie products. **)I first tried #230 – Kiss Fatal, and the application went the way it was designed to. While applying step 1 (intense color), the product applied thinly but evenly. The formula was pigmented, glossy, and not too watery. However, while applying step 2 (lock & shine), I noticed that the clear formula was more thick, and sticky. #230 lasted through burrito day, and nacho Tuesday, even though it did come off a little every time I wiped my mouth.I then tried #550 – Playing with Fire, and it did not go as designed. After applying step 2, I noticed that parts of the colored formula and the clear formula were not blending together properly. #550 also didn’t allow me to rub my lips together because parts of the formula on my top lip would transfer to my lower lip. This created a splotchy and patchy look on my lips.

    Overall, this product was just not the one for me, but I invite you to try out at least one color in the Provocalips collection by RIMMEL.


  6. 7 Wonders Face Masks by Leaders Insolution
    This is by far the best product which I received. This face mask is the real deal, and will do wonders for your skin. This series by Leaders Insolution accommodates for various skin types, and conditions – including sensitive skin.
    Overall, this is one of the best face masks I have ever had the pleasure of trying. (**Note: the film which you remove, is the thinner one. **)
  7. Pure Silk Shaving Cream (Raspberry Mist)
    I have never been one to use shaving cream while taking care of my hairy legs; but, after using this product, I began to question why I waited so long to use shaving cream. Compared to normal body washes, shaving creams are significantly better and assist you in getting a closer shave, without fear of having razor burns at the end.Overall, this shaving cream soothing, moisturizing, and smelled amazing. I do invite you to try out this product yourself because, again, I never used shaving cream before receiving this product.IMG_4279 edit.jpg
  8. Yogi Tea Bags (Green Tea & Sweet Tangerine)
    I love tea, whether they’re hot, cold, or iced. Hot tea is essentially good for your metabolism, and your body in general. Compared to coffee, teas do not have as strong of a staining agent. Also, did you know that you can use tea bags for under eye circles? One of the best at home remedies for dark under eyes is to place your warm, damp, tea bag on your eyes, and rinse. So, by using this product, you are killing two birds with one stone!Overall, this tea is tasty, healthy/organic, and is mildly to strongly fragranced, depending on how much water you used to steep the tea bags.

This survival kit was definitely one of my favorites. From this kit, I have discovered new brand names, which I now love, and have rediscovered previous brands which have clearly improved over the years.

I highly recommend you to try out these products yourself. Remember, everyone is uniquely different, and you won’t know if you will like or dislike these products, until you try.

I would like to thank Her Campus for sending us these goodies, and I would like to thank RIMMEL, Leaders Insolution, PureSilk, and Yogi for these amazing samples, and coupons.

Until Next Time 

xx Joslyn Pham

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