#FeatureFriday | Meet Nicole Rita Sharp

Happy Saturday Loves~

To start off my newfound commitment, I decided to go with something that I already did a couple of weeks back! As some of you may know, I am a part of Her Campus at UNT; and, recently, we hosted a mini beauty con event, and I got to interview the loveliest ladies!

I would like to introduce to you — Nicole Rita Sharp!:

Nicole Rita Sharp is a very unique individual, who strives to share her vision and her message through her passion. She is one of the most inspiring makeup artists of our generation.


In order for us to get to know Sharp, and her brand – Lovely Rita Beauty – more, we asked her five personal and trademark oriented questions.

  1. When did you start your makeup brand?
    “I became interested in makeup my freshman year of college, after watching makeup tutorials on YouTube from well-known artists like Jaclyn Hill and Wayne Goss. I would find myself watching these videos every night, and eventually, I knew that beauty was my passion. “
  2. What is your makeup brand? Explain how you came up with the name, slogan, and anything else.
    “My brand started off focusing on long-lasting glamour looks for special events, but it has since evolved to focus on heard-to-match skin tones, and – more than anything –strives to bring representation to Women of Color. I also do makeup for photography, and film. I want my makeup to have a purpose, as a creative mean to enable ALL people, including men and women of color.”IMG_8759.jpg
  3. What was a defining moment for you, when it came to beauty?
    “I think a defining moment would be when I heard my best friend, who is African American, complain about how hard it was to find makeup that is suitable for her skin. I couldn’t believe her struggle! EVERYONE should be able to hide blemishes, or at least look professional. I knew I wanted to use my voice to bring equality to this medium.”
  4. What are your goals as far as your brand?
    “First and foremost, I want to breakdown negative connotations towards makeup, and beauty. It is so empowering for women and men to own their look, and add creative elements to it.” 
  5. What does beauty mean to you?
    “Beauty is when you love who you are, and can celebrate it. This can be with makeup, clothes, or just taking care of your body, in general.” 

Overall, Nicole Sharp uses her talent to embrace equality and beauty. She works hard to ensure that her audience is aware of her message that everyone has the right to feel beautiful inside, and out. If you would like to contact Nicole about business inquiries, her social media handles are:

  • Twitter: @_nicorita_
  • Instagram: @Nicolatte
  • Facebook: Nicole Rita Sharp / Bright Eyes Photography
  • Email: nicolawtay@gmail.com

Until Next Time xoxo



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