Summer Sun vs Freezing Office || Outfit Ideas

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Image by Scott Webb

Wanna know how those in blazers, and monkey suits, survive the blistering summer heat? Ever since I’ve  started working in the retail industry, this is the most common question during the summer season. Many clients ask about cool, and thin clothing for their family vacation, or getaway; however, majority of my customers are those who have to endure the sweltering heat outside, AND the shivering chill inside.

Here are my go-to outfits, as well as my tips and tricks, for versatile business casual looks in the summer~

  • Women: 

1. **Linen Blazer**: 
Linen is THE best fabric for the summer! Like denim, linen is another variety of cotton: the Superman of the textile world. Cotton can be worn in the winter — to keep you warm — as well as in the summer — to keep you cool– and is very breathable, and inexpensive. Unlike denim, linen is spun in a thinner fashion, making it very breathable for the intensive heat waves, and doubles as an insulator for the blasting AC.

I mean, why sacrifice your style and elegance to accommodate for your bipolar surroundings?!

2. Short Sleeve Blouse:
Short-sleeves, and tanks, are heaven sent for the summer season, especially if you are constantly going outside, and back inside. With a slip of a linen blazer, or another jacket, you can comfortably accommodate for both today’s high, and the office’s low temperatures.

If you find yourself in a pinch, and it turns out to be a bit warm in the office, but your employer doesn’t allow short-sleeves/ tanks — you can easily switch it out for a chiffon, or silk blouse: both chiffon and silk are light fabrics that can “breathe” easily.

3. Favorite Jean / Cropped Slacks: 
As I mentioned under Linen Blazers: denim is a heavier form of cotton, which helps to keep heat in, and to keep heat out. Office fashion is gradually changing, and is slowly transitioning from slacks and blazers to more business casual styles (as displayed above). However, if your work space is more traditional, feel free to switch jeans out for cropped dress pants!

Cropped slacks are definitely the IT styles of the summer because they look chic while keeping it strictly professional. Now if your work place is more traditional, picking your favorite unlined, ankle length trouser is another option.

4. Dressy Sandal:
Studies show that majority of your body heat escapes from your head, and your feet. That’s why it’s important to wear socks in the winter to keep warm. In the summer, I highly recommend a comfortable dressy sandal with an open toe – if possible. This will add a more chic, and casual feel to the look. Again, if you work in a stricter environment, you could definitely go with a flat, or a heel.

  • Men: 

1. **Linen Blazer**: 
Again, linen is THE best fabric for the summer. It is very breathable, and does not take away from the professional look – even though you are accommodating for both ends of the temperature spectrum.

I cannot tell you how many linen blazers, and dress pants I have sold during this summer season alone!

2. Short Sleeve Button Down: 
If you are one to be wearing your blazer 24/7, why not try out a short sleeve button down? Although it’s geared more towards the business casual look, it can easily be concealed underneath your blazer, and makes for a good escape from the summer heat after work!

If short sleeves aren’t your thing for professional wear, any cotton button down is great as well. Again, cotton is an amazing fabric used year round to conceal heat in the winter, and to stay cool in the summer.

3. Dark Wash Jean: 
Although dark wash jeans aren’t the most traditional choices for office attire, if your work place permits it, I say go right ahead! Not only are jeans innovative for dealing with hot, or cold temperatures, they are definitely a lot cheaper than dress pants. If not, then definitely go for linen dress pants,  or unlined cotton slacks!

Guys — there’s also another way to stay cool and comfortable, and it starts with your underwear! Tommy John reached out to me, and introduced their “comfy no adjustment’s needed men’s underwear.” Although I personally cannot vouch for this brand, I do know that there are some types of underwear that makes Colin uncomfortable. Their advertisement honestly depicts the struggle some men have with their underwear on a daily basis: whether it’s in jeans, slacks, or gym shorts.

Summer is one of the best times to portray your best you with fashion. Work should not be a place which hinders your ability to be creative with how you dress, and what you wear. Your best outfit shouldn’t just be reserved for a night on the town, or a romantic date with your significant other. You should be able to act, and look your best

t w e n t y – f o u r / s e v en .

I love styling, and putting outfits together, so if you have any suggestions on what outfit ideas I should do next, let me know in the comments below~

** this is not a sponsored post ** this is not a sponsored post ** this is not a sponsored post ** this is not a sponsored post **

Until Next Time xoxo


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