California Travel Diary | Anaheim Packing District

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If you are following me on Twitter, then you are probably more aware of what I was up to when I was in California. One of the first places my family and I visited, when we landed in L.A, was the Anaheim Packing District. I hate to say though, that I loved going to the Packing House more than normal people would have. 

Overall, the Packing House was very aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and the vibes were incredibly artistic. I feel like if I lived in L.A, this would be my place to hang out with friends, and just relax; however, finding parking was a huge struggle. The packing house is a two story food court with many food booths – ranging from American to Asian to desserts to boba and healthy smoothies.

+ Mini Monster

Inside the House, there is a boba tea booth which is a smaller version of Snow Monster. Let me just say that their logo is super cute, and I had to get the glass jar (I also really wanted their beanies). I decided to order their refreshing strawberry lemonade with boba, while my brother got their monster cloud Thai tea with boba. For me, I feel like the giant mass of cotton candy on top is a little bit too much, and really sticky.

Service here is really good, and they ensure to prepare your drink as quickly as possible. Mini Monster was definitely one of the most popular food booths inside the House. One day I would love to visit the original Snow Monster.

+ The Kroft & Sawleaf Vietnamese Cafe

The Kroft is probably one of the best sandwich places ever. It was so good, I forgot to take a picture of my sandwich… and I can’t remember what I ordered. However, it was super tender, and really flavorful. The garlic truffle fries are also really really good too!! I wanna go back so bad!! I didn’t order anything from Sawleaf, but my aunt, my uncle, and their kids did, and they were fairly satisfied. The broth was light, and they actually give you a lot compared to how much you are spending.

My overall experience at The Packing House was really really good, and I would love to go back. Sadly, my stomach is not the biggest, therefore I was not able to try out Popbar, or the crepe booth, or any dessert booth for that matter. My other family members really loved the homemade ice cream booth, and popbar, and the healthy smoothie place!

If you are ever visiting L.A, or Disneyland, I highly recommend visiting the Packing District, and the Packing House for lunch, dinner, or to pop by for a snack! And feel free to pull out your cameras and pose! I definitely felt comfortable pulling out my camera, staging my “props”, and taking multiple pictures — simply because I wasn’t the only one doing so.

I hope you guys liked this first post of my Travel Diary series because I would love to do a set of posts for every place I travel to in the future!

Until Next Time xoxo 


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