“I Cut My Hair.” — What??!!

before and after

Hello Loves~ Notice anything different?? I have a long bob now~
Today’s post is going to be about my hair cut, and why I decided to go short! It wasn’t an easy decision, but I don’t regret it (all too much)

So I got my hair cut about 2-3 weeks ago (before I went to California), but I have been contemplating on cutting it for a few months now. Since it took me over 3 years to grow out my hair out, I was kinda attached to how long it was; hence why it took me a while to finally do it.

— Before ——————————————————-

When my hair was down to my belly button, I had the free will to do whatever hairstyle I wanted, which was awesome! This allowed me to go out and explore different looks, and see how hair changes an outfit. But for a while, I didn’t really do anything (unless I had an event, or work), and my go to hairstyles were messy curls, or a bun/ ponytail.

I ended up being so lazy with my hair.

Some issues I had, with long hair, was the fact that I was shedding like crazy, — so much that Colin had to sweep every other day, and if I didn’t be careful, I would clog my shower —  I was waking up to the feeling of me choking myself (with my hair) in my sleep, and I overheated easily in the brutal Texas sun.

Overall, having long hair is hard to maintain, and started to become more of a hassle than anything else.

— After ——————————————————–

The first thing my stylist did was part my hair into two sections: top and bottom. She then pinned the top part of my hair to my head, and proceeded to just hack at my hair. I cannot tell you the adrenaline I felt when she took her scissors and started cutting my hair straight across above my boobs.

The hair cut, and took about 15-30 minutes. After she was done I was shocked at how light my hair felt, and how different I looked. My friends and family commented saying that I looked cute, and that it was a good change.

With my short hair, I had to get use to how different it was, especially when I wash it. The first wash after you dramatically change your hair is by all means weird. You’re not use to running your hands through your hair for two seconds, and then that’s it. You’re not use to the fact that you have to actually be conscious about how much shampoo and conditioner you use (TBH, I still struggle with this after 2-3 weeks). You’re not use the fact that your hair now air dries quickly, and how little you shed!

Styling is low maintenance: you literally could just wake up, brush your hair, and walk out the door. It’s weird, as my hair grew longer, I didn’t use my flat iron as religiously as I had done before. Now, I flat iron my hair in less than 5 minutes, and it looks like I walked out of the salon. However, curling my hair now an be a little challenging. I cannot use my previous 1.5 inch barrel because I don’t have that much hair to curl anymore. I am still trying to get use to my 0.5 inch barrel, and my little baby curls. I can still braid my hair, and pull it up into a ponytail (somewhat).

Overall, I really like my short hair! Of course it’s still taking me some time to get use to how short it is, and I have to do my homework and research on how to style it now, but it’s all very exciting.

I suggest that if you’re feeling gutsy, and if you’re feeling  like you want a temporary change — definitely consider cutting your hair. Not trim! Cut. I’m excited for all the new hairstyles I get to try, and how my style changes with my now short hair~

Until Next Time xoxo 


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