Meet Madison~ | #FeatureFriday

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My name is Madison Huffman. I am 19 years old and currently working as the social media director and content writer for the Odyssey Online. I run my own lifestyle blog – – and hope to encourage others through my posts. My lifelong dream to be a writer is what fueled my desire to start a blog and I am excited to see where that journey takes me. 

Twitter: @madisongale05 // Instagram: aspiringauthoranddaydreamer

1. What’s your favorite animal? 
Besides my own dog, Duke? Probably giraffes.
2. Tea or Coffee? 
Coffee!! I’m a little addicted.
3. What’s your niche / What’s your blog about? 
I typically write inspiring or motivating pieces about things you experience as you walk  through life. Previous works have included Why You Should Value Yourself, Try Un-Figuring Out Your Life, and things of that sort.
4. Are you currently in school? 
I just finished up my first year at Middle Tennessee State University, but will be taking a gap year so I can travel.
5. When did you start blogging?
Halfway through the school year, we had to start a blog for an assignment, and I loved it! So started my own non school related blog around March.
6. What’s your favorite store? 
Charlotte Russee or Francesca’s
7. When are you scheduled to post? 
I typically do once a week, on Sunday’s. But since I’ve been working for the Odyssey. They’ve been publishing my articles Monday’s.
8. What’s your favorite candy? 
9. Do you take your own pictures? If so, what camera do you use? If not, where do you find your pictures? 
I have an Olympus Pen mini but I’ve been using my iPhone a lot right now.
10. Are you a full-time blogger? If not, would you want to go full-time? 
I am not, but would love to pursue that. Writing is my passion so I’ve loved being able to do that.

Until Next Time xoxo


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