Guest Blogger: 5 Beauty YouTubers You Should Be Watching ∣ Dynamic Bohemian


Posting on a Thursday?!  **gasp** No way!!

If you follow me on Twitter, then you probably know that I have been thinking about dedicating a day of the week for guest bloggers and features. (I’m currently between Tuesday, or Thursday). If you would like me to feature you or would like to be a guest blogger, please email me at: 

Today’s guest blogger is the beautiful Diana from Dynamic Bohemian, and she exclusively wrote for us about the 5 Beauty YouTubers You Should Be Watching:

I’m Diana and I have a blog called Dynamic Bohemian.

I watch YouTube like it is my job (it’s not). I don’t necessarily follow the videos…what I do do (haha) is take away some funky techniques/ideas for my own application.

Watching stuff like this is fun because it is “educational”, but not like boring school calculus “educational”⇐ if you know what I mean.

Now, you can trust me…I have some sort of standards when it comes to stuff like this-actually I have certain preferences about things like food, travel, home decor, and wardrobe (you can find all that on my site-wink, wink)-so these are my 5 favourite beauty YouTubers at the moment that I thought you would enjoy:

1. Carli Bybel

suggested video search words: “Makeup Mistakes to Avoid +Tips for a Flawless Face”

Carli Bybel


suggested video search words: “brittneyleesaunders makeup tutorial”


3. Tanya Burr

suggested video search words: “Quick & Easy Everyday Makeup Tutorial! | Tanya Burr”

Tanya Burr

4. Zoella

suggested video search words: “How To: My Quick and Easy Hairstyles | Zoella”


5. Kandee Johnson

suggested video search words: “barbie doll makeup transformation kandee johnson”Kandee Johnson

K, it has been nice…I hope you enjoy these different people (if not, comment below your favourite beauty YouTuber).


Dynamic Bohemian

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