5 Favorite Ways To Relax

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Happy Wednesday Loves~

Before I begin today’s blog post, I would like to sincerely apologize for my absence recently. Last week, I was on spring break (I really wanted to just spend time with my boyfriend and my parents), and the week before I had three major exams I had to really focus on. Now that my schedule has cleared up again, I can now focus fully on my blog content! Regardless, have no fear, during my break, I was prewriting and brainstorming.

Along with the busy weeks in the life of a stressful college student, there are moments where you start to mentally panic and freak yourself out, especially when you have a demanding major with demanding classes and professors. During these moments, you need to find ways to relax and unwind, or else you will literally explode.

Here are my 5 Favorite Ways To Relax

  1. Listen to Music:
    “Music on, world off.” I couldn’t agree more with this quote. Music is a powerful force, and can actually take you away from the world. Whenever I am stressed, I really enjoy listening to old nostalgic songs that make me sing loudly and dance around.
  2. Journal:
    There’s something about the feeling the pressure of a pen on paper. Whenever I feel stressed or frustrated, I pour my thoughts and feelings into a journal to relieve some tension. However, there are times you need to focus your energy on the positive things in life, so I suggest that you have two separate journals.
  3. Binge Watch:
    Binge watching favorite TV shows, movies, Kdramas, YouTubers, etc. is the number one way to relax for me. There’s nothing better than engrossing your time into someone else’s life – whether it’s a real person or a character.
  4. Working Out:
    Working out is a healthy way to relieve stress. I personally like to run outside or dance to my favorite songs to relieve my stress. It’s also fun to learn some choreo or go to a fitness class with a small group of friends who support you, and bring you positive vibes.
  5. Hanging out with Friends:
    “Misery loves company.” Another one of my favorite things to do is hang out with my friends and just be goofy and silly together. Sometimes we go out to eat, play around and sing karaoke, or go shopping together. Regardless what we do, I always like to be around my friends, especially those who feel my pain and empathize with my frustrations.

For me,  blogging is similar to writing in a journal. If you didn’t know already I created My Authentic Nature as my creative outlet and stress reliever from school.

Of course everyone is different and there are other unique ways to relax, but how you relax doesn’t really matter. What’s important is that you are relaxing, and unwinding whenever you are pent up. You may not get a chance to hang out with your friends; however, in between studying, you should do something like listen to music, or binge watch to give your brain a break.

** Did you know?! **
Studies show that students who allow themselves 10-15 minute breaks in between hours of studying actually retain more information than studying for hours straight. 

Until Next Time xoxo 






3 thoughts on “5 Favorite Ways To Relax

    1. Hey Christine~
      I know exactly how you feel girl. Panic mode is sometimes a really scary feeling, but just remember to breathe, and to take a little break from the world by spending some quality time doing something you love~

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