6 Months Later: My Thoughts on Blogging So Far

photo-1447914178647-198e7e4a70b5 edit.jpg
Image by The Typical Female Magazine

It has officially been six months since I started my blog, and after six months of launching My Authentic Nature, our family has expanded from 1 to 48 readers with 990 views and counting! So in honor of My Authentic Nature‘s 6th month anniversary, I am going to talk to you guys about how I feel about blogging, and my experience as a creator after six months. 

Blogging really helps me to relax and allows me to direct my creative mind towards something I enjoy. My blog allows me to collect myself and my thought process, thus allowing me to refocus on certain things in life. Without blogging, I would just be studying and filling my brain with just topics of math and science – which is not my cup of tea.

I have the opportunity to share my opinions without fear of being reprimanded and criticized. Blogging also gives me the chance to work with other people and different companies. However, with everything good there’s always characteristics that make it “bad”. Along my blogging so far, I have been able to experience the everyday struggles of full-time bloggers first hand, such as:

  • Self-Promoting: 
    Promoting myself is hard, especially since I’m not one who consistently post on social media. There is also the thin line of under promoting and over promoting, which is frustrating.
  • Deadlines: 
    Since I am a college student, sometimes crunching for my weekly and monthly deadlines is a struggle. There are times where I can just chill and plan out certain posts; however eight times out of ten, I find myself trying to write at 2 AM, half-asleep.
  • Photography: 
    I am still a novice when it comes to high-quality photography. I really do enjoy learning about aperture and the small details which make blog pictures really stand out; however, my house has really bad natural lighting, and I am too scared to go outside my house alone to take my pictures.
  • Writer’s Block: 
    This is the devil’s gift to bloggers. Writer’s block is probably more frustrating than self promotion! What good is your blog if you have no content?! Blogs are suppose to be a source of inspiration to others, but writer’s block can create havoc in a creator’s mind.

Of course, there are other struggles that come along with blogging, but these are the top four- which I am slowly trying to learn how to overcome.

Overall, I really enjoy blogging, and creating content for you guys! Even though my major prohibits me from using the artistic side of my brain, My Authentic Nature allows me to open new doors and have new experiences in a way which is portable and flexible for my busy school schedule.

I really appreciate all of you and your constant support – I see many good things coming for our family and My Authentic Nature. I’m glad to have you guys with me through this journey, and together we’ll make life a little more bearable, one post at a time.

Until Next Time xoxo


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