Product Review: Juice Beauty – Green Apple Brightening Eyecream

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I was introduced to Juice Beauty while visiting ULTA in search for a new under eye cream. I previously was using Origin’s GinZing Eye Cream (read my review here). Unfortunately, my eye cream from Origin’s was starting to irritate the skin under my eyes – causing it to sting, and become hyper sensitive.

Luckily, I was able to find a new under eye cream from Juice Beauty!

I had never heard of Juice Beauty before that fateful day, and it was to my surprise that a representative was at ULTA. She was really helpful and gave me a very brief and thorough background about the brand.

Now sold at ULTA and Whole Foods, Juice Beauty is an all organic brand that carries products for skincare, makeup, and clinical treatments. I was invited to attend a sampling event where I got to test some of the products for myself – let’s just say, I’m very excited to begin a new journey with this brand, and I see great things for them!

Juice Beauty’s Green Apple Brightening Eye-cream is the answer to all my prayers. As mentioned in my Origin’s Gin Zing product review, I naturally have dark circles, and as a college student, staying up late every night to study does not help me whatsoever.

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This product has a very light and refreshing formula that can be applied before bed and after waking up. Although this bottle is only 0.5 0z., it spreads really well and a little goes a long way. When being consulted for Juice Beauty products, this eye cream is highly recommended for teens and young adults because this product is really hydrating and prevents fine lines and wrinkles.

Overall, after using this product for a couple months, I have to say that I really love it. It takes some time for the cream to absorb enough for me to apply eye makeup, but once dry, my makeup stays just as seamless, and just as long, as when I don’t have the cream on. For $38 a bottle, I would say that’s a reasonable price for Juice Beauty’s Green Apple Brightening Eye-cream, especially  since the packaging includes a pump dispenser (brownie points!).

I highly recommend this product for my fellow collegiettes who find themselves sacrificing the health of their skin for school.

Until Next Time xoxo 




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