Four Outfit Ideas You Can Wear in the Classroom and at Work

Happy Saturday! Today’s post is going to be more fashion orientated! Now some of you may know that I have a job in retail, and last semester I was working during the week as well as the weekend, and girl – let me tell you – I got so stressed out with my outfits for school and for work. Sometimes I felt like I had to bring my whole closet with me in my car.

Here are four outfits ideas that you can wear in the classroom and at work: 


Generally, a lot of college students also have jobs – either part time or full time – and while having a job has its benefits, it also adds to the amount of stress a college student has, especially if you don’t have a uniform you are required to wear. The fast transition from your casual and comfortable school clothes to your business casual chic ensemble can be a bit overwhelming. To relieve the stress, wear your work clothes to school, without sacrificing comfortability.

  • Outfit #1:

While styling for dual school and work outfits, you want to select items that move with your body instead of restricting it. This means flowy tops and blouses. To increase your outfit’s level of professionality, without throwing on a blazer or a jacket, you can just style your outfit with a statement necklace that complements your top.TIP: If your flats or heels are too uncomfortable to wear throughout the day, store them in the car and when the time comes, just switch your shoes out without wasting any time.

  • Outfit #2:

Spring is right around the corner, which means you can finally bring your flirty dresses and skirts out of hibernation. Wearing a dress can be a blessing in disguise when you’re stuck in stuffy classrooms all day. To add a touch of professionality to your outfit, try pairing your dress with a blazer or a denim jacket. Also, you can spice up your look by adding edgy accents, such as dark jewelry with sharp edges and studs. This outfit already has a key piece for a business casual look (the jacket), so you can pull off wearing your favorite pair of sneakers, sandals, or flats.

  • Outfit #3:

Currently, button down skirts are a really big trend, especially with Urban Outfitters. To play off on this trend, you could pair it with a crisp white button down to accentuate the corduroy texture. To give your look some edge you could also pair this outfit with a leather jacket, but it’s just as pretty without the jacket. I think ankle booties will look good since we are still in a transitional period between winter and spring styles.

  • Outfit #4:

This outfit is more casual chic than business casual, but this shows that you don’t have to spend a lot, or get a whole new wardrobe for work – sometimes pairing your outfit with the right top, jacket, or even accessories can help bring your look up to the appropriate level for work. The peplum top, the sleeveless jacket, and the collar necklace all bring this look to that level without sacrificing comfort and mobility.


Overall, styling your clothes to meet the needs of school and work does not have to stress you out – instead, it should make you feel confident. What also helps with the stress is to look at the weather in advance and figure out what you want to wear the night before.

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