Workout Playlist: Whistle While You Work It!

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January is has come and is about to be gone! How are you and your New Year’s resolutions? I know for me and for a lot of my friends and family, one of our biggest resolutions would have to be going to the gym and working out more, not just for physical appearances but for health reasons as well, such as cholesterol levels.

Now that you’ve put in the effort to get up and go to the gym, do you ever find yourself unmotivated and just stuck, not knowing what to do first, or what to do next, and for how long? Is your mind running more than your legs?

Having a playlist designed specifically for working out helps to energize you and reduce wandering thoughts which can just stress you out or make you feel awkward. Not to mention it makes working out go by faster and more fun! (And if you’re anything like me, you’re more into the music and the feels it gives you than working out)

Here is my current workout playlist that really helps me to get into the positive mood to workout:

Whenever creating a specialized playlist for working out, you want music that helps increase your heart-rate which will help increase your blood flow throughout your body. Now everyone has their own personal preference, but for me, I enjoy fast-pace music that I can dance and sing to. And in all honesty, this is an amazing excuse to jam out to old songs that you use to listen religiously while growing up.

**A/N: I am not able to currently use the Spotify plugin, and I had originally used SoundCloud as my platform for this playlist; however, due to some technical difficulties, I had to switch to Youtube. Once I am able to use the plugin, I will edit this post accordingly**

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