Product Review: Green Tree Jewelry

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Hello Loves! Before I get started, I just wanted to apologize for my absences. Work has at least quadrupled the amount of hours I work because of holiday hours. But no worries! They’re starting to thin out now!!

Today’s product review is a little different today. Green Tree Jewelry reached out and requested some bloggers to review their products, and after one look, I was in love! Check out the three styles I picked out and my full opinion on Green Tree Jewelry here:

Green Tree Jewelry is an American company based in San Diego, 100% made in America, and all of their products are made of wood — how cool! (Trust me, when you get them, they smell like burning wood, which I love.) Not to mention, their products also come in a variety of colors, which is a bonus for me!

First, I was super excited to get the opportunity to review jewelry, but the real excitement came when I was able to pick out three items from their earrings; and, let’s just say I fell in love after looking on their home page!

The first pair which caught my eyes were the Rain Cloud Blossom (#123). I couldn’t get over how cute they were! They’re priced to be $14.95.

Ribbet collage 3

I chose to get them in “Brilliant Blue.” Once I received my earrings in the mail, I died over how cute these were! Most definitely going to be wearing these all the time towards the spring and summer. These novelty earrings will brighten up just about anyone’s day!

The second pair which caught my eyes were the Chevron Deco Earrings (#1039). For my fellow chic gals, these are the pair for you! They’re priced to be $14.95.

Ribbet collage 2

I chose to get them in “Black Satin,” because what doesn’t black go with? Plus, the color of the wood in the two areas which are filled in are more of a soft golden brown color. Wearing your hair up will make these earnings more definite and noticeable. Plus, you can dress them up, or down. Hands down my favorite pair!

The final pair that I chose were the Small Diamond Half Circle (#1375). For my more girly chic girls, these are right up your ally! They’re priced to be $14.95.

Ribbet collage 4

Choosing a color for this pair was so hard! There were literally so many options to choose from!! But, after a while, I came to a consensus and decided to get them in “Wine.” These earrings will most definitely give your outfit a pop of color without taking away from anything else. They are both elegant and complex, yet simple at the same time!

Overall, I am obsessed with my earrings from Green Tree Jewelry! I wear them to work, and always get compliments on them!

Also, I have sensitive ears, and am allergic to fake metals, which causes my ears to be sore after wearing some for a while; however, with Green Tree Jewelry, my ears don’t get sore. Bravo! Brownie points!

To see more of their products and collections, visit their website at and use the promo code: FASTSHIP15 for free shipping on your purchase!! 

This post is not sponsored.

Until Next Time xoxo 



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