“Traces of I” By Tracy Kiss || A Book Review

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Happy Monday Loves!

A couple of weeks ago, Ms. Tracy Kiss invited me to read and review her book Traces of I. So, for today’s post, I decided to pass on the her book’s valuable and imporatnt message as well as share my thoughts on the self-reflecting journey of April Belgrave.

Majority of us have been on both sides of that fence: on one side, we are the judgmental and hurtful ones, and on the other side we are the ones being judged and hurt — continuously being molded and shaped by our surroundings and the cause and effects of human interaction.

Traces of I, by Tracy Kiss, is an amazing and heart-felt story which unveils the reality of the impacts of bullying on a girl/boy, and its affects on her/his self-esteem, self-confidence, insecurities and mind set on the world, which then can greatly affect her/him during adulthood. Which then makes Ms. Kiss’s message clear as day: You are who you are, and no one can ever replace you. Your inner beauty greatly surpasses the superficial beauty which is painted by modern society. You are worth more than your appearance, and to remember that

we are all beautiful when we close our eyes. 

Traces of I is a story about a 30 year old woman who is still scarred and haunted by her past ghosts and memories and how she tries to overcome her insecurities, low self-esteem, and gain confidence. This realistic novel is written in 1st person POV, which allows it to be more personal and relatable. You truly embody April and learn everything she does through her journey to try and accept herself. The journey of April is a very descriptive one as you enter her thoughts and relive her bad experience with bullying and its affects.

I chose to read this book because the description of what Ms. Kiss went through, personally, and the story of April, the protagonist, just really hit home and made me reflect on my similar background of dealing with my internal conflicts and past horrors. I was also the subject of bullying, but on a lesser extreme; however, that in itself caused me to doubt myself and my worth as a person, a girlfriend, and a girl in general. I had allowed people, who I don’t even see, much less talk to anymore, dictate my self worth by just my appearance during my awkward phase.

By reading Traces of I, I was able to empathize with April, and was able to fully understand what she went through and how it affected her many years later — knowing that this is not just some fable, but occurs in our society everyday — making me tear up and remember the journey it took for me to accept myself.

Life is not measured by what we wore in high school, who we dated in college, and how many parties we were invited to. Life is measured by the memories and moments we treasure, the moments where we were truly happy, and the moments where we would love to relive in a heartbeat.

Traces of I makes you think about how you view beauty, personally. It makes you question why we wear makeup the way we do, why we dress the way we do, why we act the way we do, etc.

I highly recommend this book, and invite you to partake in April’s journey in hopes to help you realize your self-worth, and that true beauty truly lies within. 


We are all beautiful when we close our eyes. 

So go look at yourself in the mirror, smile, and tell yourself, out loud, that you are beautiful.


Interested in experiencing Traces of I yourself? You can find this book on Amazon, Smashwords, and Createspace for $2.99!


#TracesofI #IamApril

Until Next Time xoxo 


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