How I Try To Gain Blog Traffic

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Happy Thursday Loves! This is a request post from a fellow blogger and friend! Now, we all know that I am no expert, whatsoever; however, I’m always happy to share tips and tricks that I have learned, or have discovered along my blogging journey.

Here is How I Try To Gain Blog Traffic:

  1. Do Research:
    A good way to improve your blog is to seek out the help of successful and renowned bloggers. Some, if not all, of them have shared some of their secrets on how to have a more successful blog.
    Here are some amazing bloggers that I turn to whenever I need help: Dana Fox (she specializes in helping bloggers), A Girl Obsessed, and Helen in Between (she also specializes in helping bloggers improve). There are most definitely others out there, but these ladies are the ones I turn to the most!!
  2. Become a Social Media Maven:
    Social media is not your enemy!! Create accounts on Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, (etc.) that are directly related to your blog! For example, I have personal accounts for my Twitter and Instagram, but, I also have accounts that are strictly for housing my blog content, with my blog name as my user. This enables your readers and potential readers to find you easily online.
  3. Join Bloglovin: 
    By attaching your blog to a Bloglovin account, you’ll be able to reach out to an audience that’s already inclined to reading and owning blogs. Bloglovin is also a mobile app that helps you keep up with all the blogs you follow as well as help you become exposed to other bloggers!
  4. Create Content:
    Long story short, no one wants to be following a deserted blog! Write, write, write! Create content that will inspire and captivate your readers, leaving them wanting more.
  5. Be Consistent: 
    By having a consistent schedule, your readers will know exactly what days to come back and read your newest post — not to mention it exemplifies your dedication. Having a posting schedule is also a lot less stressful for me, since I am a full-time student and a part-time retail worker. Currently, my posting schedule is Wednesday and Saturday, allowing me to have at least 2 days in-between posts to whip something up in case if I’m slacking a little bit in planning.
  6. Get To Know Your Readers: 
    One of the best ways to gain blog traffic is through the word of mouth, text, reblog, retweet, etc. Get personal with your readers, and try to create relationships! By doing so, they’ll either share your content on their social media, or show your blog to their friends and family, etc.. Also, by using the statistics from Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress, etc. you’ll be able to figure out what your audience is really wanting and enjoying from your content. I am still learning how to effectively use my stats and analytics, so this is the extent of my knowledge on this specific subject for now.
  7. Gain Credibility:
    Everyone is their own personal brand. You are your brand, your blog, your product, etc.; therefore, you must gain credibility for yourself. This is especially important if you want to work with top-tier brands in the future!
    For me, a way that I try to gain credibility AND traffic on my blog is by joining third party sites that give me the opportunity to try samples and be a part of campaigns for free. In return, all I have to do is write reviews! This benefits me in multiple ways as well; however, I will talk more about this in a separate blog post!

Again, I am in no way an expert, this is just how I am approaching the matter of gaining blog traffic for My Authentic Nature. I am still new at having my own blog, and I’m just thankful that you chose to join me on my long journey in the blogging world. 🙂


Until Next Time xoxo 


6 thoughts on “How I Try To Gain Blog Traffic

  1. This is such a great help!! Thank you very much for all of the advice, I’ll make sure to follow all these steps to gain more traffic on my new blog. Also thank you for mentioning the bloggers you turn to in case you need advice, that’s I really great.


  2. I agree with Vickelle, this really is a helpful article for those lacking traffic on their sight – mine included. I definitely agree that one main thing is to actually create content and on a regular basis. This can be hard when life throws you hurdles or you have some things come up at work/school that require a lot of attention. Great article!


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  3. Consistency and having a schedule are probably the biggest improvements I’ve made – especially as a YouTuber. I’m finding that a lot of people in the communities I belong to only post every few weeks, and randomly find themselves going for months in between releases. I understand that for channels with incredibly high production value, but for vloggers, that seems absurd.

    I have my online work around a full-time job and a new relationship, and having a set schedule for posts and videos has saved me so many headaches. I always know when I need to get my next video out, I know how much content I need to produce within a certain timeframe, and my subscribers know what to expect from me. Everybody needs to do this!

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