Product Review: Carnation Breakfast Essentials Grab n’ Go! Smoothies

Ever since my late middle school years, I stopped eating breakfast in the mornings because I preferred to get more sleep than to eat; however, the most important meal of the day is breakfast. The reason being is that breakfast the jump start of your day — starting your metabolism, helping you feel energized and more full than going without food until brunch or lunch.

Thanks to BzzAgent I have been given the opportunity to try out Carnation’s Grab n’ Go! Breakfast Smoothies from Kroger.

Here is what Colin and I think about Carnation’s Grab n’ Go! Breakfast Smoothies in both Mixed Berry and Strawberry Banana.

BzzAgent is a wonderful company which allows the general public to participate in campaigns for free, and only at the expense of sharing your opinions, both good and bad, about a product.

I will save the details of being a part of BzzAgent for a later post!

Receiving my first official campaign was very exciting for me. Within my package that BzzAgent sent me, I received two full sized samples, one in mixed berry and one in strawberry banana, as well as a a bunch of coupons to share with my friends and family.

After I received the samples, I immediately placed them in the fridge so I could try out one of them the next morning. Once it chilled over night,  I first tried the strawberry banana one, and was pleasantly surprised. The consistency was more thick like yogurt than a smoothie, which is a given seeing how Carnation’s Grab n’ Go! Breakfast Smoothies contains 6g of protein, 3g of fiber, 1 serving of fruit, and as much calcium as a 6oz. cup of yogurt. The color of the smoothie proves  that Carnation’s Grab n’ Go! Breakfast Smoothies doesn’t contain anything artificial, which it is advertised as.

Boyfriends Corner:

I usually don’t like yogurt, but I think Carnation’s Grab n’ Go! Breakfast Smoothies are really good. I’m also happy that it doesn’t have fruit chunks in it like yogurt generally does. It’s a tasty, healthy, filling, and fast breakfast alternative for days I don’t have time to eat. I especially like how you can taste a lot of the bananas in the strawberry banana one.

The strawberry banana one tasted true to what it was labeled as, and so did the mixed berry.

I enjoyed the mixed berry more than the strawberry banana, and Colin enjoyed the strawberry banana over the mixed berry.

Overall, once I got over the consistency of the smoothie, I enjoyed Carnation’s Grab n’ Go! Breakfast Smoothies. However, I’m not one to be a fan of milk and a lot of yogurt, so once I got through half of the 6oz pouch, I was already full.

After finishing all of my samples, my mom saw that I thoroughly enjoyed Carnation’s Grab n’ Go! Breakfast Smoothies, so by using the coupons I received, she purchased more for me at Kroger.

Since I am a commuter to university, it’s more difficult now than ever to eat breakfast in the morning. But, with Carnation’s Grab n’ Go! Breakfast Smoothies, it’s super easy for me to just grab it from the fridge and enjoy it on my car ride to school. Now, Carnation’s Grab n’ Go! Breakfast Smoothies, is more a part of my morning routines.

#gotitforfree #bzzagent

Until Next Time xoxo 


4 thoughts on “Product Review: Carnation Breakfast Essentials Grab n’ Go! Smoothies

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    1. Hey love!! Thanks so much for your kind words!! I would love to take a look at your blog!! I’ll take a visit after I respond 🙂 I started my blog during the beginning of the school year, so in August!! Again, thank you so much!!! Always remember to have fun, and aspire to inspire!! 🙂
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