Product Review: Dove Advanced Care Deodorant


I’ve had discoloration under my arms for as long as I could remember, and it made me feel self-conscious whenever I wore tops, and dresses that were strapless, spaghetti strapped, or sleeveless. At first, I thought it was because I wasn’t cleaning the area enough, but that wasn’t the case. It turns out that people with darker skin are just naturally more prone to darker pigmentation underneath their arms. I have tried home remedies here and there, but to no affair. I thought I would just have to get over the fact that I had dark underarms, until now:

I stumbled upon Dove’s Advance Care Skin Renew deodorant when I was at Target, looking to replenish my previous deodorant. What led me to this particular type in the Advanced Care series was the description, saying that the skin renew “helps restore skin to its natural tone.” My initial thought was that it was going to easily solve my pigmentation problem.

I started using this product on September 1st, and after a month of using it, I was fairly impressed. What I noticed first was that it more antiperspirant and longer lasting than my previous deodorant. However, because it is a thicker formula, it takes longer to clean to ensure that your pores are free of product.

In terms of pigmentation, I was hoping that mine would decrease greatly within a month. However, that was not the case; in reality, there was only a small difference in my pigmentation. Eighteen days have passed since I first evaluated my underarms, and I have to say that my pigmentation has decreased greatly since October 1st. Yes, there is still evidence of my discoloration, however, it is not as noticeable as it was back in September.

Overall, I really like this product, and I will keep observing the progress of my underarms and keep you posted!

Until Next Time xoxo 


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