2015 Autumn Playlist

Image by Luke Chesser (https://unsplash.com/lukechesser)
Image by Luke Chesser (https://unsplash.com/lukechesser)

Fall is a time for me to just unwind. A time for me to curl up in bed with a cup of coffee or tea. I am 100% a music lover, and nothing will ever change that. I listen to music all the time, more now than ever because lack of human interaction on my part. But, as the cold air begins to settle, my music tastes start to transition from upbeat, pop, dance types to a more jazzy, slow, acoustic type. I tend to listen to this playlist when I’m doing blog stuff, or school stuff, or just when I need to unwind before bed.

Here is my autumn playlist for 2015:

Until Next Time xoxo 


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