My Favorite Instagram Accounts

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Everyone has that special group of IG users that are just #goals and #aesthetics. No doubt, these 7 lovely ladies are my all time favorite IG users!! Their photography is to die for, and let’s be honest here, they’re my queens, and just inspire me every single day. My favorites consist of bloggers, fashion icons, and YouTube sensations who never cease to amaze. Here are my favorite Instagram accounts:

Alice Gao @ alice_gao


Alice is a photographer who captures the world in such a beautiful way. Her Instagram account consists of shots from her travels, and food. I most definitely love seeing the world through her eyes, and there is just something romantic and dreamy about her photos that reminds me that life is amazing. Alice also has a blog of her own.

Analisa @ rackandrouge


Analisa is a fashion and lifestyle blogger who’s photography is to die for! I am absolutely in love with her on going theme, which matches my aesthetic completely. Not to mention, she is absolutely gorgeous!

Chriselle Lim @ chrisellelim


Chriselle is probably one of the first fashion bloggers that I have ever followed. Her Instagram account allows you to catch a glimpse of her work and her passion. Chriselle manages her own company and is just a force to be reckon with in the fashion industry. Chriselle is also a big influence in the YouTube community with her fashion videos. She allows you to see snapshots of her personal life as well on her IG account, and her baby girl, Chloe, is just so precious. Hands down, Chriselle is a fashion goddess.

 Lauren Riihimaki @ laurdiy


Lauren is a YouTube phenomenon with more than 2 million subscribers, and is one of my favorites from the YT community. Her IG account screams hipster/tumblr vibes. She is considered one of the top creators in the community because almost all of her content is handmade by herself (hence her username LaurDIY). She has created decor, costumes, clothing, office supplies, etc., and on top of that, she also includes lifestyle and fashion videos to create variety on her channel. Lauren is most definitely a powerhouse, seeing as how she created her brand in 2011, at the age of 18, and is now 21 and one of the most influential creators on YouTube.

Valerie Wang @ valerie_wang


Yet another goddess in the room. Valerie’s photos are to die for, and appeal to my aesthetics 100%. Valerie is a creator, an artist, and a designer. Her IG account showcases her style, passion, fashion, and lifestyle. Her work is absolutely breathtaking, and showcases it on tumblr, as well as her own personal site.

Wendy Nguyen @ wendyslookbook


Wendy is another fashion icon of mine! Her look is just so feminine, elegant, and classy. Her IG account allows us to take a glimpse of her work, travels, and lifestyle. On her fashion blog, Wendy provides her readers information of where she finds all of her pieces, as well as more detailed pictures of her entire outfit, from head to toe. Not only that, she also has her own YouTube channel! is one of my go to blogs to find inspiration for outfits, and or to find new pieces to add to my own collection. In my previous post I mentioned that Wendy also collabs with Banana Republic’s designer, Marissa Webb.

 Weylie Hoang @ weylie


Weylie is yet another YouTuber, whom I absolutely adore (she’s one of my faves). She is gorgeous, funny, humble, and realistic. Her channel consists of fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and tips/advice. Her IG account showcases her personal life, food, and adorable pets. She recently changed her theme on IG, but I am absolutely in love because it appeals to my aesthetics. She is really the sister I never had.

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