5 Tips for Shopping: Transitioning Between Looks Without Going Broke

Image by Chelsea Francis (https://unsplash.com/ohhhchelsea)
Image by Chelsea Francis (https://unsplash.com/ohhhchelsea)

Happy Wednesday Loves!

So, if I haven’t mentioned it yet, I am recently going through the process of transitioning between looks. I am transitioning between my high school “girl next door” look, to something more professional, and mature, with a lot of neutral colors. So, that means a lot, a lot of shopping! I also am in the process of trying to become more independent, which means, many of the things I am buying is with my own hard earned money. So these are some tips on transitioning without going broke:

  1. Go through your closet first

    Just because you are transitioning, does not mean you start from square one with your closet. That is just crazy! So, instead, prune out your closet and pull out things you either havent worn in a while, or things that are worn out and old. You have three options after this of course: donating, selling or refurbishing.

  2. Do I really need this?

    The number one question to ask whenever you are shopping, and I have started to ask myself this question because my best friend would always ask me this whenever I was in doubt (and surprisingly, her voice pops up in my head whenever I shop haha) But, really, do you really need that item? Are you sure?

  3. Do I already have something like this?

    This is the second question you must ask yourself whenever you’re shopping. Hands down, this is my main problem in the world of shopaholics. I buy too many of the same item, or style, which leads to the scenario of “I have nothing to wear!” 

  4. Is this worth it?

    This is the third important to ask whenever you are shopping, and this applies to many things. Is the quality worth the amount you are paying? Is this piece worth buying full price? Etc.

  5. Sales is your best friend

    So what if it isn’t top of the line? So what if it isn’t from this season? I have personally made it a habit to ransack the sales rack before I head out onto the main floor. My thought process is always, “I can have this much for the same price as one.” Also, if you can find something similar to the item, in both style and quality, you are wanting at a cheaper sales price somewhere else, go there instead. (**Sometimes the online price is cheaper than the in store price too!**)

Transitioning between styles is not something that can instantly happen, to most normal people. It is a gradual process that requires you to take it one item, or piece, at a time. The golden rule, for me, is that it is better to have a few nice pieces versus a lot of really shabby pieces that will wear and tear within the next year. 

And remember,

You don’t have to spend a million to look a million

Until Next Time xoxo 


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