Banana Republic Fall Fashion Haul

From my last post, it is fairly apparent that I love fall. So, in preparation, I may have bought a few new items… okay, maybe a lot. But, who could blame me?! Layering and sweaters and scarves — just everything! My justification for getting new fall items is that I am transitioning between looks, and I’m reselling or repurposing my old clothes. Anyways, before you judge me more than you already have, here is what I have bought, from BR, for the season:

  • Faux-Leather Trim Long Cardigan

    This cardigan is one of my new obsessions! It’s so soft, and keeps me warm. And bonus! It’s gray!!
  • Colorblock Quilted Top

    This top is so chic, and I love having the layered look by pairing it up with a neutral, preferably white, button down. Of course, this long crop top can be worn on it’s own, but I have yet to find a good outfit combination for it to be worn without layering underneath it. (Color options: heather gray, and white)
  •  Striped Pique Sweatshirt

    This sweater is super comfy, and I love how this top has big enough stripes to not give the illusion that “you look wider in stripes.” It’s light enough to layer, but its thick enough for the start of autumn. (Color options: heather gray, and cream with blue stripes)
  • Geo Lace Sweatshirt

    This is one of my personal favorites! I love the geometrical patterns on this sweater, and i can see myself wearing it with black skinnies, and light brown booties/ riding boots and a nice scarf! Perfect piece to layer up with! (Color options: cream, black, and muir wood)
  • Military Parka
    fall haul 1.1
    This parka is to die for! I was instantly in love when I saw this in stores, and bonus! This was a collaboration piece with the designer of Banana, Marissa Webb, and Wendy, from Wendy’s Lookbook!! I absolutely adore her, and I adore this military parka!!
  • Check Cropped Top
    fall haul 2
    Again with the crop! I absolutely adored this top once I saw the October catalogue! The images make it look a little lighter than what it actually is, but it is the perfect pull over with the big chunky checkered pattern, and maroon! Knowing what to style with this crop top was a no brainer! Again, this item is light enough to layer with, but could be worn by itself as well. (Color options: black rose, and black)

**disclaimer: I work at BR, however, everything stated was my own personal opinion. All pictures are from BR’s online site.All of these items were purchased with my own money.**

Until Next Time xoxo 


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