My Top 5 Fall Fashion Pieces

Image by Ryan McGuire (
Image by Ryan McGuire (

Hello, Autumn! It’s good to have you back! However, Texas, get with the program and give us some nice fall weather please! Fall is my favorite time of the year, and during this time of preparation, I always get so excited and anxious for fall, especially with fall fashion collections revealing themselves to the public eye. Here are my top 5 iconic fall fashion pieces!

  1. Sweaters!
    The obsession is so real here. I know I probably have more sweaters than anything else in my wardrobe! This year, my favorite colors for sweaters are:

    • Maroon
    • Grey
    • White/ Cream
  2. Scarves
    What better way to pair off a sweater? This look may be basic, but it is one of the most iconic fashion combinations for fall, and one of my favorite looks of all time!  I especially love:

    • Infinity Scarves
    • Oblong Scarves
    • Pashmina Scarves
  3. Cardigans
    It may still be a little warm out for coats and jackets. But that’s okay because cardigans are there for the rescue!! This year, I’m really loving these colors for cardigans:

    • Heather Grey
    • Cream
  4. Boots and Booties
    Finally! I can wear my riding boots and cute little booties without having my feet overheating and sweating!! I love how a pair boots can always compliment your outfit, and just tie it all together nicely!
  5. Leggings
    It’s time to bust out the long pants, which means jeans and leggings! So excited to be pairing up my jeans with wonderful layered looks, and boots, etc. But, let’s be real here. I am probably one of the most laziest people when it comes to everyday wear to school. So my go to type of pants are my leggings. They provide the warmth I need, and the comfort and flexibility I crave.

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