What to Expect After 3 Years Together

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In today’s society, for a lot of people three years is a long time for a relationship: especially if you are in high school, and in your first couple of years of college. Some people might say that the average time for people to be together is between two weeks and three months.

Since our sophomore year of high school,  my boyfriend and I have been together for almost three years (exactly three on September 29th). Throughout the span of three years, I cannot tell you how many times people have had an expression of pure shock whenever we tell them how long we have been together.

The first year there was minimal shock because it wasn’t absolutely rare that couples stay together for a year, but after a year and a half, that’s when we started experiencing people’s reactions to our relationship. We have gotten comments from “You two are still together?!” to “So when’s the wedding??,” and to this day I still get shock and surprise from those around us.

Now, for us, three years is nothing compared to how long my parents, and how long his grandparents have been together. We still have high expectations to meet.

In the beginning, we experienced the norm of being all cutesy and cuddly with each other to the point where everyone around us got annoyed and always screamed “Get a room!” However, after about 6-8 months we kind of drifted from the puppy love/ honeymoon stage, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t affectionate towards each other. No doubt, we were still affectionate and romantically involved with each other, just behind closed doors — way behind closed doors (especially this past year).

Do I miss these moments? Yes, however, it only makes these moments, when they happen, more special and meaningful.

This resulted in our relationship changing from being just a couple, to being each other’s significant other and best friend. Our cute and sappy texts full of 20 question sessions evolved to conversations full of jokes, laughs, and serious “adult” talk.

Of course nothing is ever happy rainbows and sunshine all the time. We have had our storms full of disagreements, arguments, fights, and tears. Now that I think back, we have been through a lot together in the last three years, but I wouldn’t change anything that has happened, because every little detail has made us who we are today, and has shaped our relationship to something that is tangible, but not easily breakable.

After three years, our relationship has definitely matured. The proof? My family, especially my parents, accept him and see him as someone who is trustworthy, and someone who is going to potentially be apart of our family (hopefully).

Boyfriend’s Corner:

People ask me, “Why are you two still together?” Simply, nothing’s broken, so don’t try to fix it.

Overall,  from my point of view, being in a committed relationship isn’t scary, like some people fear it to be. It feels nice to stop looking for the one for once. It feels safe and comforting, knowing you have someone who can be your rock and help support you during difficult times.

I personally enjoy being in a committed relationship, but I do understand that it’s not the lifestyle for everyone. I just wanted to give insight to what it’s like for those who were curious, or for those who are scared, etc.

Think with your head, and feel with your heart, but don’t wear your heart on your sleeve until you know that your boyfriend/girlfriend is reliable and meets what you need.

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” – Lao Tzu

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One thought on “What to Expect After 3 Years Together

  1. This is such a well written post and I feel like I can really relate to this. My partner and I have been together for 5 years, so we started dating when we were 15/16 years old, and it definitely changes. But I think that it changes for the better. Obviously that honeymoon stage is absolutely wonderful and you feel like you are on top of the world, but as things get more serious that’s when you get to know your partner on a much deeper level where you do become each other’s significant other, like you said.

    Wonderful post!


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