Movie Review: American Ultra

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This past Labor Day weekend, I went to Studio Movie Grill with the family and the boyfriend. We decided to watch American Ultra. (You can watch the trailer here) This is what me and my boyfriend thought about the movie.

In my opinion,  this movie was pretty funny, and it made me giggle and laugh a lot However, all the gore was not my cup of tea. Yes, I know all the blood they used was fake, but I didn’t need to see it spurt and splatter everywhere.

When I first saw the trailer I was fairly skeptical of this movie, and it only interested me slightly, especially since I saw that Kristen Stewart was the main female character. Now, I have to say she wasn’t bad, and she was pretty funny. Her performance in this movie is on a higher skill level than most of the Twilight movie series.

The plot of the inhumanly skilled soldier has been done multiple times in the course of movie history, however the plot twists, and details involved in this movie was fairly refreshing, and the comedic add-ins were just the cherry on the top.

To say I would watch this movie again would be lie. Though this movie did exceed my expectations, I could go on living life without having to see all those, in my opinion, unnecessarily gory moments.

Boyfriend’s Corner:

I believe that American Ultra was exactly how it was advertised: “Like if Jason Bourne and Pineapple Express had a baby.” So you decide if it would be a good movie (most people would say so.)

Throughout the movie, there were moments where I thought he was bored, and then there were moments where he was cracking up along side me and my family. But in his opinion, it was a hilarious movie (as he described to a friend earlier today), however, he would not want to watch this movie again in theaters.

  • My Ratings (0-10): 6
  • Boyfriend’s Ratings (0-10): 7

Until Next Time xoxo


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