Top 5 Things that Keep Me Organized During School

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Naturally, there have been many times during the school year where I felt completely overwhelmed from my classes, the work load, and the excessive amount of time and effort to study and to do projects, etc. On top of all this, it didn’t really help that I lost interest, or was just too lazy, to maintain staying organized.

Now that I’m attending university, it is crucial that I stay on top of everything, without over stressing, and becoming overwhelmed. The pressure is on, and I cannot afford to loosen up because my future, and my degree depends on it.

The key to not becoming burnt out is to maintain a minimalistic lifestyle at school. This is especially hard for me because I am in no way minimalistic; however, I am trying to slowly transition from my cluttered lifestyle to one that is more moderate.

By possessing these items, I have found it incredibly easy to stay organized at school: 

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  • PLANNER: This is number one on my list of essentials to being organized. I have a bad habit of overbooking myself: having a jam-packed schedule full of a lot of time consuming projects and responsibilities. By having a planner, I can physically see when I need to study, when my deadlines are, etc., and especially when I need to take time to just breathe and relax. 

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  • COLORED PENS/ HIGHLIGHTERS: Don’t judge, but I love to color code everything. By doing so, it’s easier for my eyes to be drawn to important information, especially when I have to distinguish one thing from another (especially in my planner).

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  • EXPANDING FILE FOLDER: I just transitioned from traditional folders to these expanding file folders (aka accordian binders). I have to say, this helps me stay way more organized, because everything is already sectioned off in one big “binder.” Sometimes, I tend to be lazy and just shove things in the first folder I pull out, but now that everything is all in one, I am more inclined to just slip it behind it’s labeled tab.
  • MULTI-SUBJECT SPIRALS: These are wonderful gifts sent from heaven. I have forever been the one to use multi-subject spirals. I just like how I have three or more spirals all together in one giant spiral. Again my reasons for using these verses the singular spirals stands the same for the expanding file folder.
  • SMALL/ MEDIUM PENCIL BAG: I have always been the one to have all the colors of the rainbow inside of my pencil bag. This was a disaster because it took me forever to specifically find one thing, such as a pencil and such. Solution? Decrease the capacity size of my pencil bag. By doing so, I am forced to remain minimalistic with the amount of writing tools I am allowed to have, which makes me reconsider if I really need a certain pen/ pencil.

Again, this is a step towards the lifestyle transition that I am taking, so there is no 100% guarantee that I will remain this organized, but I will work hard to not revert back to my super cluttered, and heavy backpack ways.

Until Next Time xoxo


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