August Favorites

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Guys… It’s September… Where did summer go?! The nice vacations are gone, but the oily and blemished skin stayed. Throughout August, it was humid and hot where I live, and I realized that I needed to switch out some products for my daily routine.

  • FACE MASKS: This summer has been a summer full of masks, and have had a sudden obsession with Freeman products. I find all my Freeman products at Ulta, and they are all bargain deals in my book! In the month of August, I’ve been mainly obsessed with Freeman’s Charcoal & Black Sugar Polish Mask, as well as their Mint & Lemon Clay Mask.  One deeply exfoliates my skin and gives it a nice warm detox treatment; on the other hand, the other cools and absorbs the oils out of my skin after a day running around. Both do wonders on my combo skin.
  • UNDER-EYE MASKS: Yes, I confess… I am guilty of possessing dark under eye circles. From long nights studying and doing homework, to performances and competitions that end late, and to me just being a night owl. However, these Hydrogel Under-Eye Recover Patches from Earth Therapeutics are just heaven sent! Not only do they reduce my ghastly dark circles, but they leave me feeling cool and relaxed as well. Just slap them on, do something for 30 minutes then throw them away.
  • MARIO BADESCU’S DRY LOTION: Since the bane of the start of puberty, I’ve had trouble with white heads near my mouth, and chin area. However, because of this glorious (and extreme might I say) mixture, I have seen my previous white heads disappear! **Note: This mixture is made of strong chemicals and may not be for all skin types** (For more information, you can watch my review for this product here.)
  • NARS LUMINOUS WEIGHTLESS FOUNDATION: I have been dying to try this product ever since Zoe Sugg (Zoella) started raving about it. I finally decided to splurge on my makeup, and this, along with the concealer I’m about to talk about, was at the very top of my ‘To Get’ list. I am absolutely in love with this foundation, and it truly is weightless, but is highly pigmented and works well with my oily skin. A little goes a long way with this product: I’ve sweated in it and it stayed intact to my face, I’ve worn it all day at work, and I had plenty to take off at the end of the day. (My shade = Medium 3: Stromboli)
  • NARS RADIANT CREAMY CONCEALER: Girl… the struggle is so real when trying to find the perfect formula for my deep under eye circles and oily skin. (For more concealers for oily skin, click here) However, this concealer is everything that I need, and have been looking for. It conceals the purple pigments under my eyes, it doesn’t vanish after an hour of wearing it, and it reduces the oily feeling I get underneath my eyes whenever wearing other concealers. On top of that, it’s full coverage, and minimizes the lines under my eyes, and just helps brighten up my face.
    (My shade = Medium 1: Custard)
  • VS MATT LIP CRAYON: This lip crayon has exceeded my expectations completely. I was expecting this product to dry out my lips, to be short lived, and just something I would wear for small events. However, that is not the case. This product retains moisture in my lips, is highly pigmented, and lasts a while without reapplying. This product is now one of my favorites to carry with me everywhere I go.

Until Next Time xoxo


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