My Experience: First Day of College

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Would you like me to tell you about the dreadful feeling of realizing that after walking across the stage to receive my diploma, knowing I don’t have to turn back and face the horrors of high school, only to go back to school. To be completely honest, this was probably the most eventful first day of school I’ve ever experienced.

Pretty much, my day consisted of:

  • sweat
  • getting lost
  • hot, humid, and gross weather
  • a lot of walking
  • being “homeless” for hours at a time

To kick off the first day of school, my body was rejecting the idea of getting out of bed and actually doing something. It was such a struggle to get out of bed! (A/N It also doesn’t help that I was out till late the night before at a concert)

After getting ready and looking sub-par with my hair up in a messy bun, I finished packing my backpack and headed out the door. On the way to school, there was some crazy phantom traffic going on (I take a busy highway to get to school). Phantom traffic basically is a rippling affect caused by the stalling or reckless behavior of an individual, or a couple of people.

Long story short, I was late by a couple of minutes to my first class. Then, for my second class, I ended up being in the wrong class room…. in the wrong building. But it’s okay! I made it to my second class on time!! I just had to take a couple steps next door to be in the proper building. But, let me just tell you, I had to go up and down approximately five flights of stairs to get to my second class. It was such a struggle, but all I can do about it is laugh at the ridiculousness I went through.

Once that was done, I had an hour break for lunch. If y’all don’t know already, I am a commuter, which means I don’t actually live on, or relatively near the school. So I was sending S.O.S. texts to my friends, and ultimately ended up crashing in one of their dorms and using their microwave, like the free-loader I am haha!

From there, I had to walk to the opposite side of campus, in hot weather, going uphill, to come to find out that my class had been cancelled this week. So, I ended up walking back from where I came from and ended up chilling in the library till someone came to claim me. After about an hour chilling at the library, alas, it was time again, to walk all the way back to the other side of campus for my last class of the day.

Other than that, I had an amazing day! Up until I ended up actually being in traffic on the way home on the same high way, which doubled my travel time to get home.

*Sighhhhh* This is going to be a loooong school year….

Until Next Time xoxo


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